Roof Installers for three homes

Roof installers replace a roof

(The following are dramatizations.)

Roof installers are needed for these roofs. Mr. Wayne owned a historic Charlotte home with a fine old wooden shake roof. Unfortunately, one night the house next door caught fire and burned out of control. Hot ashes landed on that roof and ignited it. Since the fire department was right there, they were able to save the house itself, but most of that beautiful old roof was a total loss. Fortunately, Mr. Wayne was able to find some roof installers who could inspect the underlying structure for fire damage and (once it was found to be sound) equip his home with a modern roof that would last a good twenty years.

The house of too many shortcuts

Charlotte roof installers

The owners of a Concord, NC home discovered to their shock, not long after they bought it, that the roof — or rather, roofs — needed to go. The previous owners, or whoever they had hired, had cut corners by reroofing, placing a new layer of asphalt shingles over the old one. And then, fourteen years later, they had done it again. The structure of the roof was holding up three times the weight of shingles it was intended to. It was a wonder it had not already collapsed. Removing this asphalt layer cake, checking the underlying structure for wear and tear and installing a new roof was a job that demanded a lot of professional skill.

A metal roof with a non-metal look

Like Mr. Wayne, Mr. Johnson had an old, historic house. But this house had an asphalt roof that was nearly 25 years old. It had lasted longer than anyone could reasonably expect, and it was time for it to be replaced. Mr. Johnson was planning for the long term and wanted to keep it for as many years as possible. Old houses of proven durability were as sound an investment as anything. So he wanted to make sure the new roof would last a long time.

His brother-in-law spoke very highly of metal roofing — its lightness, longevity and durability in the face of the elements. The trouble was that Mr. Johnson’s house had a historic look that wouldn’t go with anything as modern as metal roofing. Fortunately, some Charlotte roof installers showed him that metal roofing could be made to look like other forms of roofing while losing little of the qualities it was prized for.

Charlottes best roof installers

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