Tips on how to maintain a composition or asphalt roof from your Charlotte roof installer

Roof installer worksThe best tips for maintaining a composition or asphalt roof from your Charlotte NC roof installer

One of the most important steps to preventing damage to your composition or asphalt roof in Charlotte or Concord NC is to keep your attic cool.  Keeping the temperature controlled in your attic helps prevent heat from building up beneath the shingles.  When shingles get too hot, the asphalt oils can dry, shortening the lifespan of each tile.  You can increase air ventilation in your attic by having turbine vents installed by a roof installer.  These type of vents are driven by heat, which means they turn on as heat rises into the attic.  As it warms in the attic, the turbines begin spinning and release the hot air out through the vent.  Turbine vents are low maintenance and work without electricity.

Checking your roof for repairs

The best way to check for necessary repairs on your roof is to ask a roof installer to check the shingles on the sunniest side of the house. If the shingles break instead of flexing when they are bent or if they are bloated or discolored, you may need a roof installer to replace your roof.  If you are seeing granules coming off the shingles and draining into the gutters, this means your shingles are losing their protective surface, another indication that your roof may need to be replaced by a roof installer from Charlotte or Concord NC.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies can replace individual tiles or your entire roof.  They have a wide variety of shingles colors and styles available so will be able to match your shingles if necessary.

Torn or curling shingles

If a roof installer replaces individual shingles, they will typically do their best to match your current shingles.  They will apply roofing cement to the new individual shingle, press it into place and then hold it down with something heavy.

If a roof installer has to replace a group of shingles, they can replace a line of shingles at a time.  Shingles are produced all together in a line or sheet, but appear as if they are individual shingles.  If a roof installer just needs to replace a few shingles, they can slip the new line or sheet of shingles in under the existing shingles.  It is important that a roof installer carefully hammers in the nails into the new shingles. This is to keep from leaving holes in the roof which may not be covered.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of the best roofing companies in Charlotte and Concord NC, are experts at replacing old, torn, or worn out shingles.  Give them a call when you need shingles replaced or other work done by a professional roof installer.