Why use fiber cement sidings with a Charlotte NC roof installer?

roof installerWhy should I have fiber cement sidings on my home?

Roof installer siding choice will more than likely come down to fiber cement. Although, there are many siding materials to choose from.  When remodeling or building houses, some materials are better than others are.

Local roofers in Concord NC know that more expensive doesn’t always mean higher quality. What works on some houses may not work in others. Things which need considering are aesthetics, preference, durability and maintenance of the product.

What is fiber cement?

Fiber cement sidings are a combination of wood pulp and Portland cement. This material is durable, resistant to weather and fire. A roof installer can paint it and make it look like stucco, cedar shingles, wood, stone or brick. This comes without the high price of these other variants. Many Charlotte NC roofing companies prefer these sidings because they keep costs down.

These are excellent in many kinds of weather. They cater for humid and hot conditions for as they will not rot and are resistant to termites. Although this material is now receiving lots of attention, it has been around for over 100 years. 

What other siding materials can Charlotte’s best roofing contractors install?

Newer vinyl siding offer large selections of colors and they can make a much wider range of options than other materials. They can look like boards, shingles, clapboard and many other designs. They can even make them to have the appearance to look like wood.

Neither the vinyl nor fiber cement offers much insulation on their own; however, vinyl sidings now offer options of insulated products that place layers of foam between the walls and the vinyl. Vinyl is lightweight, so, it is easier to transport and ultimately means less cost to you.

Wood sidings from a Charlotte NC roof installer

The wood siding, cedar, in particular, comes in a variety of forms such as lapping panels, boards and batten, or shingles. The cedar wood sidings can be left natural, painted or dyed.

Fiber cement offers many of the same styles as wood and can be printed with wood grain designs. They have approved fiber cement to replace original wood in some historic regions.

What will a roof installer charge for each siding type?

Fiber cement costs a little more than vinyl. However, cedar can cost twice as much. Fiber cement hardly needs maintenance, which is different to wood, which needs painting or dying every five years. 

In regions prone to hurricanes or strong winds, it is the product of choice. They class cedar and fiber cement as “green” options because wood is biodegradable and cement does not release toxins.

Which roofing contractor in Charlotte NC will advise the best?

A good deal of local roofing companies will go with the option you decide, but you can easily decide on the wrong kind of sidings for your home.

You need a reliable roof installer from Charlotte’s best roofing companies that delivers the best advice. If you need to know if fiber cement is the best option for your home, you can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the professionals will give you all the options and how they will affect your home once installed.