Roof repair contractor in Charlotte discusses tricks to maintaining your gutter system

A roof repair contractor in Charlotte NC is interested in keeping your roof in the best possible shape. To do this, it includes keeping your gutters in good condition.  Fall is the season most dreaded by homeowners due to the numerous dead leaves that are easily blown about by the wind. These leaves can fall into your gutter system and clog it. Unfortunately, after fall comes winter, a massive snow season. If not properly maintained earlier, the clogged gutter system will be an obstacle preventing melted snow from flowing down. Fixing and unclogging a gutter system in the cold is the last thing you want to be doing during winter.

The earlier you start to maintain your gutter this fall, the better for you, your time, and your money. In this article, professional roof repair contractors will teach you how to get the most out of your gutter this fall.

Maintaining your gutters

One thing is for sure to note about maintaining your gutters, or your roofing system is that it is no fun at all. At some point, it would seem like you have no idea of what you are doing. Hire expert roof repair contractors to do it for you. Having said this, let’s now take a look at the steps to securing a healthy gutter system this fall.

1. Clean your gutters thoroughly

Get a long hose and a ladder to wash off any debris that might have built up over time. Wash through the downspout too. Give it a high-pressure spray down. For the stubborn debris that refused to go, you can use your hands to wipe them off. Make sure to use gloves.

2. Inspect gutters for damages

After you have given your gutter a nice wash, you can now inspect them for any damages that may have occurred during the time it was clogged. Ensure that there are no loose screws, leaks, uneven sections, or any other excessive wear and tear. You can get a roof repair contractor to make the inspections for you if you are not quite up to it.

During the inspection, take note of some important facts. Are the gutters pulling away from the house? Are they starting to sag? Is the downspout lost? Inspecting for damages helps you save on repairs in the future and prevent any intending damage. The inspection lets you handle damages proactively. Once any damage has been identified, fix the damage properly and immediately. If ignored, the damages can lead to leaks and other intense damage.

3. Trim tree branches

Debris is usually fallen leaves from trees. Not trimming your trees could lead to more debris forming, clogs, or damaged troughs. When the tree branches are directly over your roof or gutter system, then you need to take extra care.

As the wind blows, it carries leaves, nuts, and seeds from the trees straight onto your roof and/or into your gutters. This clogs them up as a result. Try cutting or trimming them.

4. Install gutter guards

Gutter guards are covers that go over your troughs to protect your gutters from the leaves and any other debris fall can bring in, but have pinpoints just wide enough to allow water to enter and exit your gutter system properly.

Hire Charlotte’s #1 roof repair contractor

Maintaining your gutter system is not an easy thing to do, especially if you know nothing about what you are doing. The best idea is to contact your top Charlotte roof repair contractor. Trying to save money by doing it yourself can cost you more than you intended to. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.