Charlotte’s best roof repair contractors explain a poor ventilation system

Charlotte’s best roof repair contractors help understand good ventilation

Charlotte’s best roof repair contractors encourage homeowners to avoid neglecting restorations associated with the roof ventilation system. The roof protects you, your family, and your possessions from all kinds of external elements. Yet, properly functioning vents extend your roof’s lifetime. Below are ways that poor ventilation can cause roof rot and damage:

Building up of heat

Since attics are not climate-controlled, the area can easily get warm. Poor ventilation in the roof can cause attic spaces to become too hot, with the possibility of reaching 150 degrees in certain locations. This extreme heat may dry out, weaken, and ruin the roofing materials.

Mold production

Poor ventilation can make your attic more humid than it needs to be. With warmth and humidity, your roof becomes the perfect place for mold breeding. The problem is it invites a few more issues. Mold can be hazardous to human health while encouraging roof rot.

Thermal shock

Improper ventilation could cause heat from sunlight to enter your house and heat it up. As a result, your indoor temperature will rise, giving your air conditioner extra work to maintain a comfortable climate. That increases energy use and an unusual utility bill.

Shingle damage

Shingles are often exposed to significant heat, even during mild days. A sound ventilation system assists the shingles in controlling the daytime temperature. The lack of roofing vents adds some strain on the shingles, making them contract, expand, and even break.


When there is a significant difference in an attic’s internal and external temperatures, it is likely to increase the development of condensation. A moist attic fosters mold growth, which could make the roofing materials warp and further lead to moisture-related damage to more parts of the house, such as the walls and the foundation.


Poor attic ventilation can cause rusting. The roof consists of many metal components that hold it together. The metal parts connect the roof shingles to the decking and hold the underlayment in place. An unventilated attic can cause these metal components to rust. Rust also comes with its hosts of issues, including weakening the foundations of the roof and causing it to eventually fail.

Sagging and structural damage

Over time you can expect heat build-up, condensation, and mold to ruin the roofing materials. This may involve wood warping, which has the potential to weaken the structural integrity. When roofing beams and other material pieces sustain damage, they bow out or sag in specific areas. Consequently, the shape alterations allow snow or rainwater to settle in some roof areas instead of rolling off. That makes the roof sag and finally leak or fall apart.

Work with Charlotte’s roof repair contractors

A good ventilation system prevents long-term damage. It is also crucial to have your roof examined to detect any issues early and avoid costly repairs. Promote optimal functionality and structural integrity by working with Charlotte’s roof repair contractors. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.