Charlotte’s roof repair contractors explain roof replacement factors

Charlotte’s roof repair contractors estimate roof replacement time

Charlotte’s roof repair contractors educate homeowners on the roofing art, including how long a roof replacement can last. Note that the timeline for each replacement is as unique as the roof itself. But generally, a residence of 3000 square feet or less can be replaced in one day. It could last three to five days in extreme cases and depending on the following factors.

The roof’s complexity

It refers to how the roof is cut up and considers the number of facets, hips, angles, valleys, and pitch. These affect the timeframe and cost of the replacement. A simple roof with only two or four facets takes a shorter period than one cut up with a high number of facets at several angles, valleys, and hips and has a steep pitch. The complexity also determines the safety precautions taken by the contractor. The more complex a roof is, the slower the process since they have to move carefully to promote safety.

The roof’s accessibility

It is the ability of your contractor to access the roof. Access is especially crucial when tearing off the old roof, putting the torn materials into the dump truck, and getting new materials back up to the roof for installation. A roof that features a fence, landscaping, or rows of bushes around the house and no paved surface near the access point increases the replacement’s timeline.

The weather on replacement day

It’s best to replace a roof in the right conditions. Avoid making replacements in snow, rain, or when it’s too hot. Replacing the roof in these conditions is likely to lead to improper installation. The weather determines how long the replacement may take and when you can replace it. Sometimes, you have to push back the replacement until the roof is dry enough to work on. If it rains during the replacement process, the installer will have to tarp your roof to safeguard your home and pick up where they left off after it’s dry enough.

The season of the year you choose to get the roof replaced

It’s easier to get more work done once we spring forward after winter. Longer day hours allow roofers to spend more time on the roof. This makes even the most complicated replacement faster to finish. The opposite is true during winter when the sun sets earlier to reduce production time. Chances are you will need an extra day to complete the process in the winter season.

Choose quality over speed

Having the roofing crew in your home can take away your comfort and even affect your day-to-day living. But be warned about roofing repair contractors who promise to complete the job in one day. These may include a large number of installers working on your roof with shingles flying right, left, and center. The result could be a low-quality installation and a shoddily done cleanup, if it’s even done at all.

Work with Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors

Working with Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors with proven records of high-quality installments is crucial. It saves you money by making sure everything is done right and with all the relevant building codes in mind. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.