Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors explain signs your roof needs repair

Roof repair contractors can help you notice if your roof needs immediate repair

Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors help you restore your home after it has been ravaged by Hurricane Ian. The home is shielded by the roofing system from severe weather conditions like hail, snow, strong winds, and torrential rains. Even the best-maintained roof can occasionally not withstand a powerful storm like Hurricane Ian. It’s crucial to use binoculars to conduct a visual check from the ground following a strong hurricane and look for indications of roof damage.

While some damage might be easy to see, other damage could require a professional roofer to take a closer look. Ignoring even slight storm damage can result in structural problems, which frequently require costly repairs. When to call a roofer for hurricane damage repairs may be unclear to homeowners. Here’s how they can tell if a roof has been damaged by a hurricane and has to be repaired right now.


After a storm, a roof may begin to leak. Water can seep into a house through damaged roofing or drainage systems. Look for stains, discolorations, mold, mildew, water pools on the floor, and other indications of moisture and water damage in the attic’s walls and ceiling. Even a small leak needs to be fixed since, if left unattended, it can get worse over time and seriously affect the interior of the house.

Shingle damage

Strong winds have the potential to dislodge or blow off the shingles, which leaves the roof vulnerable to leaks. Immediately contact a roofing professional if you notice shingles lying about the driveway or yard. Due to strong winds and damaging hailstorms, flying debris and broken tree branches may land on the roof’s surface, causing the shingles to deform or buckle. Such shingles are ineffective and leave the house vulnerable to the elements.

Damage on your roof’s flashing

After a storm, carefully inspect the flashing around the edges, valleys, chimneys, and vents for damage. Flashing serves as a barrier against water intrusion but is fragile in inclement weather. If the flashing is missing, cracked, or damaged, the roof must be repaired right away to stop water from penetrating inside.

Homeowners may save a significant amount of money and improve the safety of their homes by recognizing these indicators of roof damage as soon as possible and calling a professional roofer to do the necessary repairs on time.

Clogged gutters

After a storm, a homeowner should check the gutters because they are an important part of the roofing system. Examine the gutters for obstructions and clear them as quickly as you can to allow them to drain. Blockages in the gutters allow water to flood into the home’s foundation, which it erodes it and compromises the building’s structural integrity. Additionally, check the gutters for dents, corrosion, and lose fittings and attachments. If necessary, call a professional to make repairs.

Work with Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors

Storms often cause extensive damage to roofs, so you should try fixing the damage when it happens. Work with Charlotte’s top roof repair contractors for the best results.

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