Can Charlotte, NC roof repair contractors fix flat roofs?

Does your business have a flat roof?

Roof repair contractors in Charlotte, NC are generally busy all through the year as commercial roofers. Throughout the different seasons, one of the most common problems on a flat roof is the sighting of a roof blister.

These can show up on both commercial roofs or residential or wherever there is a membrane. If you look at your flat roof and you think you may have this problem, then you can carry on reading to see all you need to know about these problems, and what it takes to correct them.

What are the most common flat roof issues in Charlotte, NC?

Roof repair contractors describe a roof blister as an elevated bump in which the membrane loses its adhesion to the roof substrate. These areas fill with air or water, creating a bubble. If they are not treated, they will grow larger.  They let in moisture, which makes the problem worse until more repairs that are extensive are required.

Charlotte, NC roof blisters can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Poor roof ventilation
  • Poor roof installation
  • Moisture seeping under seams that are no longer bonded together

If you spot a blister, you can see it grow daily, especially with the warm weather as the blister expands during the day, and during the colder weather at night, it will contract.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractors preventing roof issues

Roof repair contractors in certain situations may not use completely dry materials. You may have a roofing contractor from Concord, NC, who performs this work and who can say he is waiting for the right kind of weather.

When you see the issues with using damp materials, you know he is making lots of sense by waiting a day or so. To make sure materials are as dry as possible, you can store them inside, cover them with tarpaulins, or just make sure they are not exposed to any adverse weather

Commercial roofing contractors offer the best roof installation

Bubble prevention tips come from roof repair contractors who make sure the materials have substantial contact with the material to ensure proper operation.

This means cleaning work areas of dust and other contaminants, make sure install insulation boards are fastened tightly to the substrates, and be sure to let appropriate ventilation in your new roofing system.

You may not have control over roofing installation and your commercial roofers. Still, you can be sure to hire the right contractor and make sure they install the roof to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Locating the right Charlotte, NC roofing companies

Once you have selected Charlotte’s best roof repair contractors, you will be sure that your roof is in top condition. This is easy to do, and given the warm weather nearby, you will need your roof repair companies to pay attention to these bubbles before the summer comes, and they expand too much to leave bigger.

To make sure your roof is in the best condition, you can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and Charlotte’s best roofing companies will explain all you need to know, and Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can easily schedule you in for a skilled roof repair contractor to look.