How do I know if I need to repair my shingle roof?

repair my shingle roof

Charlotte roofing company  can repair your roof

When my neighbor had his damaged roof torn off and replaced with new asphalt shingles, I began to wonder whether I would need to repair my shingle roof, too. Like my neighbor, I noticed pieces of shingles from my roof strewn around the yard after a recent Charlotte NC storm, and also found a drip in the attic. It’s important to learn the signs of when to call a roofing contractor to inspect your roof

How do I know it is time to repair my shingle roof

All too often, homeowners become aware of roofing system problems only after leaking is discovered or other serious damage occurs. The best way to avoid unexpected storm damage to your roof is to take preventive measures. Many Charlotte roofing companies provide regular inspection and maintenance services, which can alert you to cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams or deteriorated flashings; excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts; and other visible signs of problems with your roof. If you suspect that your roof may be susceptible to high winds, heavy rains or other storm damage.

If it leaks, do I repair or replace my shingle roof

Leaks can be the result of many factors. Age is a likely cause if your asphalt shingles are nearing the end of their expected lifespan; wear and tear causes curling, cracks, and deterioration. Poor water drainage can leak backed up standing water into your house; flashings may have come loose.  A complete roof system failure, however, is often a result of improper installation or poor quality materials, and is generally irreversible. You need to have a trusted roofing expert inspect your roof to determine whether your leak can be corrected with isolated roof repairs or will require an entire roof replacement.

What are my options if I decide on a roof replacement

Re-roofing offers two basic options: You can choose a complete replacement of the roof system, which involves a tearing off of the old shingles, exposing the underlayment and decking. This is a good idea if your roofing expert suspects a problem underneath your asphalt shingles. Building codes permitting, you can opt to replace only damaged shingles and re-cover the existing roof system. In many instances, building code requirements allow no more than one roof system re-cover before a complete roof replacement is necessary. In Charlotte or Concord NC and the surrounding areas, you can trust your reputable professional roofer to know local codes.

Can I repair my shingle roof myself

Most roofing work should not be done yourself. Your roof is more than a layer of asphalt shingles. Professional Charlotte roofing companies use only trained roofers to safely and efficiently assess damage and repair or replace a roof system. An inexperienced homeowner could damage the roof system by using improper roofing techniques; also, you could severely injure yourself by falling off or through the roof. If you feel you must inspect your roof system yourself, use a firmly braced or tied-off ladder equipped with rubber safety feet. Wear rubber-soled shoes and, if you can, stay off the roof and on the ladder. If you see damage, call for an inspection and estimate for repair. For expert help you can count on, call the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC for an assessment of your roof system and advice on how to proceed.

When I ask the experienced roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to help me repair my shingle roof, or do an entire replacement, I know that I am working with roof installers who represent the best that Charlotte roofing companies have to offer. Contact them, today! Quality roofing materials, expert installation techniques, and first-rate workmanship make Advanced Roofing and Exteriors the go-to roofers to repair my shingle roof.