Make sure that your Charlotte roof repairs are actually covered

Charlotte Roof repairsInsurance coverage on Charlotte roof repairs is changing with the climate

Increasing numbers of homeowners are discovering bad news when they file claims for Charlotte roof repairs, especially when it comes to damage that may require roof replacement. It certainly appears that hail storms are becoming more frequent and more severe these days. All across the country, insurers are changing their roof coverage to avoid paying for roof replacement, particularly when it comes to hail damage. Regardless of your position on climate change or global warming, insurance companies look strictly at the numbers, and they will not make decisions that decrease their profitability. Insurance companies may be there to help you… but only if it is profitable.

The consumers that are most affected by these changes are quite naturally, the ones that live where hail happens most often. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that the most severe and frequent hailstorms occur everywhere in the country that lies east of the line of states running south from Montana. This means that the wrong hail storm in Charlotte can cause severe damage to your roof, which if undetected, makes it very unlikely that your roof will survive into old age the way it would in Pasadena, California. Insurance companies have figured this our long ago, and they can cut their losses by changing or limiting your roof coverage. National statistics show that hail related damage claims increased over 80% between 2010 and 2012.

Make sure that you know what your insurance covers

Every year, or periodically, you will receive amendments to your policy or a renewal policy. Never assume that there are no major changes. You will need to look for changes in your homeowner policy, particularly those that affect your roof. The policy changes are usually itemized or spelled out for you, but it is a good idea to read it just to know what you are paying for. Homeowners across the country have seen several changes over the past decade, which makes a real difference in the likelihood of your roof being covered by storm damage.

The most significant change in policies

The biggest change that is designed to save insurance companies money on storm damage claims is when insurers start paying actual cash value rather than replacement value for roofing damage. This means that if you have an actual cash value policy, your insurance company will reduce your roof damage claim based on the age of your roof. That can reduce your claims payment by thousands of dollars and leave you with an enormous roof replacement bill. The insurance companies have taken the stance that your old roof is not worth as much as a new roof, so they should not have to pay for a new roof when hail damages your old roof. In principle, it is logical to see this point of view, the important thing is to read your policy so that you will know what to expect and how much to expect.

The most advanced of Charlotte roofing companies

Sometimes the best way to save money is to spend a little more money to get the job done right. Replacing your roof can be a once in a lifetime project, but only if the materials and the labor is of the highest quality. It is useless to spend the money on quality materials if you do not choose the best possible installer.

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