Roof repair contractor in Charlotte, NC can help rebuild from a fire

Roof repair contractorCalling a roof repair contractor after a fire

(The following is a dramatization.)

Mr. Robinson hadn’t expected to need a roof repair contractor for years, until the garage roof of his Concord, NC home caught fire. The fire started in the garage, with a plastic bucket full of old rags. Mr. Robinson used them to clean up spilled oil paint, then put the bucket on a high shelf where it wouldn’t get knocked over by one of his cars and made a mental note to dispose of it later. Oil-soaked rags, left to themselves, can spontaneously combust, and this was what happened.

Fortunately, the shelf the bucket rested on was metal, which limited how far the fire could spread from side to side. Unfortunately, the beams and decking of the garage roof were wood, and at their lowest point were just a few feet away from the bucket of burning rags.

Even more fortunately, Mr. Robinson spotted the smoke and called the fire department, who were able to put out the fire and save his house, and even his cars and the other contents of his garage. Unfortunately, the roof of his garage was wood with asphalt shingles, and had taken a fair amount of damage.

Steps taken to repair the roof

The first step in roof repair after fire damage was to perform the assessment, to determine how much damage had happened, what was salvageable and what had to be replaced by a roof repair contractor.This meant calling the local fire marshal and the insurance provider, who called upon local building experts.

Once the layer of soot had been cleaned off, the experts found that a beam and a couple of joists, in addition to a section of the deck under the shingles, had taken too much damage from both the fire and the water and would have to be replaced. This meant finding a roof repair contractor in the Charlotte, NC area who could remove and replace the damaged areas, not to mention the parts of the roof the damaged areas were supporting, while leaving the rest of the roof intact.

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