Safe and affordable Charlotte roof repairs

charlotte roof repairsMaking Charlotte roof repairs safe for homeowners

You know that Charlotte roof repairs are unavoidable when you notice wet insulation and water stained boxes when bringing the Christmas decorations down from the attic. You are aware that when roof repairs are ignored, it will not be long before you are looking at roof replacement. A leak can be small when detected, but that small leak is a sign that there is an enormous problem with your roof system. Somewhere along the line storm damage has taken its toll. This is the time of year when roof repair is most predominant, it is also the time of year when we spend much more money than is common, and paying from roof repairs never was part of the plan.

Knowing that Charlotte roof repairs are imminent, most homeowners consider doing the work themselves in an effort to save on the expense. Many homeowners are convinced that that they can carry out the roof repairs on their own. In reality, roof repair is not the simple task that some think it is. The job is hazardous and full of pitfalls. Of course, nothing is risk-free, but repairing the roof goes beyond the normal skill set of the average homeowner. Roof repairs will involve walking and climbing on the roof, and that act alone is fraught with dangerous possibilities. The safest option is to call one of the trustworthy and experienced Charlotte roofing companies. However, if you are determined to repair your leaking roof on your own, consider the following tips to avoid an unsafe situation.

Create a detailed plan

The first step is to plan the job. Determine how you will evaluate the areas that need repair, then comprise a list of all the roofing materials you will need for the job. Plan the logistics of the project, such as what areas will be fixed first and what the repairs will be. It is important to plan where you will place debris, tools, and other materials. Determine a method for keeping the roof organized and hazard free as you work.

Gather and decide on safety equipment

Rubber-soled shoes are crucial to help prevent slipping and falling. This type of shoe provides excellent traction. Safety glasses are vital to protect your eyes from flying debris. You will need work gloves to protect your hands from sharp, metal flashing, nails, and abrasions. You will need a tool belt to hold your tools, providing your hands with freedom as you move about the roof.

Be sure to utilize some type of fall protection system. Check with your local equipment rental shop for recommended fall protection systems for home roofing repairs. You should never climb onto the roof without personal fall protection in place. In the same manner, make sure that you use only stable ladders and climbing equipment. Be sure that every ladder is rated to sustain the total weight of you and anything you will be carrying onto the roof. Make sure that the ladders are long enough so that you never need to stand on the top rung.

Hire a reliable Charlotte roofing company

Realistically, if your roof is higher than two stories or has a significant amount of damage, it is better to hire a reliable contractor. In addition to reliability, the roofing company should have extensive experience. They should offer workmanship guarantees, and it should be a company that has a reputation for finishing the work on time and correctly.

The perfect roofing contractor for Charlotte roof repairs

The best way to handle roof repairs is to put the work in the hands of reliable local contractors and let them take all the risk, leaving you with the rewards. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors of Charlotte, NC, is fully licensed, insured, and extensively experienced with residential roof repairs and roof replacement. They are the ideal Charlotte roofing company. They also provide regular roof inspections. Call them today to learn how safe and affordable Charlotte roof repairs can be.