Tips to help me repair my shingle roof

Repair my shingle roofRepair may soon mean replace

The Charlotte weather can be hard on your shingle roof, and every summer you need to ask yourself, “Will I need to repair my shingle roof?” There are so many elements that can cause your roof to need repairs, such as high winds, hail storms, and ice dams. Even when the weather is sunny and warm, the ultra-violet rays from the sun are degrading your asphalt shingles.

You should have your roof inspected after severe weather like wind and hailstorms. However, it is important to inspect your roof every spring so that you can make all necessary repairs in warmer weather.  Small repairs may be unavoidable during any season, and winter is no exception. Addressing minor shingle roofing repairs as they occur is critical to preventing big problems later. If your roof leaks and it needs repairs, your best option is to hire an experienced roofing company. However, there may be a few roofing repairs you might be able to tackle on your own.

If you decide to make minor repairs, make sure that you are following all of the manufacturer instructions, particularly with regard to outside temperatures. The following are a few repairs you may choose to tackle on your own:

  • Small holes or cracks in asphalt shingles can be filled or repaired with roof sealant. This is a fairly simple procedure that is applied with a caulking gun. Gently pull up the cracked shingle and place a generous bead of sealant underneath the crack. Press down on the shingle and hold it in place for about one minute. Next, place a bead of sealant on the top of the crack and use a putty knife to smooth the sealant.
  • Torn shingles can be repaired by taking a putty knife and applying roofing cement on the bottom of the torn section. Then press the two pieces together so they bond to the shingle underneath. Reinforce the repair by nailing the shingle into place. Curled shingles can also be cemented back into place.
  • Badly damaged shingles should be replaced. Carefully remove the nails with a pry bar. Once all the nails are removed, simply slide the shingle out. Replace the shingle, nail it down, and apply roofing cement to the nail heads, the bottom edge of the new shingle, and the shingle above.

Finding a Charlotte roofing company

Anything that goes beyond the minor repairs that are listed above should be handled by one of the Charlotte roofing companies. Keep in mind that mistakes in roofing repairs will mean significant repair bills down the line.

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