Considering having a roof replacement in Charlotte NC?

roof replacement

Replacing your Charlotte roof

Homeowners contemplating a roof replacement have several excellent Charlotte roofing companies from which to choose. Whether you can no longer ignore the need for extensive roof repairs, or you want a new roof for the added value and curb appeal a much-needed facelift can provide, you want to avoid costly mistakes.

Beginning steps to get your roof replaced

There are a number of issues to keep in mind when talking with Charlotte roofing companies about your roof replacement project. These include hiring a contractor without a personal interview, judging estimates based on the lowest price only, and not understanding reroofing basics. Being prepared and knowing what to expect when roof replacement work begins will help ensure ultimate satisfaction with your new roof. Visit local Charlotte roofer, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors,  for more information on asphalt shingles and roof replacement options.

Getting Started

Evaluating Charlotte roofing companies

You should personally interview at least three different contractors, whether they are referrals or cold leads from the internet or yellow pages. Ask for at least eight completed job references from each contractor interviewed. Get a feel for their professionalism and business ethic. Ask for a complete written estimate for your roofing project. Make judgments based on the quality of jobsite references, thoroughness of the estimate, etc. Also, consider memberships in professional associations and certificates of training and knowledge in roofing procedures as indicators of reliability and skill levels. Also base your evaluation on how easily you could locate the roofing contractor during the next two to five years, the period in which any problems are most likely to arise. Will your roofing contractor stand behind his warranty and provide the service he promised?

Also consider

Make sure the roof system proposal is complete. It should include ventilation and waterproofing shingle underlayment, flashing, water drainage, and take into account the design and pitch of your roof.  Expect to pay a higher price for designer or architectural shingles.  Protect yourself from involvement in worker injuries, third person liabilities and damages consequential to the work being performed by making sure your roofer has complete insurance coverage. Do not judge the value of various proposals by the lowest bid alone. A low price often signals discrepancies and shortcomings in skill or reliability. Consider the proposed start date and completion schedule, and whether or not the roofer requests a large deposit prior to beginning work.  Before signing any contract or agreement, make sure the price covers all materials, gutters, ventilation, cleanup, completion date, etc.

Getting an estimate on the  length of roof project

When you contract with Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for roof repairs or a new roof replacement project, you will be kept informed during the entire process. From start date to finishing up the clean-up of your yard, whenever there is any change in the work schedule due to inclement weather, or if the roofing experts find an unforeseen problem, you will know and understand each and every issue as the work progresses. Customer satisfaction is the mainstay of these professionals, who service Charlotte and Concord NC, and surrounding areas.

For roof replacement or roof repairs,go with the roofing experts who can get the job done right. Contact the experts at Advance Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Their large and loyal customer base is a direct result of the reliability, professionalism, and excellent service you can expect when you ask for a roof replacement.