Considering roof replacement or roof repairs in Charlotte NC

roof replacement

Deciding whether to repair my roof or get a roof replacement

I am considering whether I should repair my roof or bite the bullet and get a full roof replacement. The asphalt shingle roof on my home in the Charlotte and Concord NC area is closer to the middle than the end stage of its useful life, but a recent storm has left enough damage to get me wondering if it might make more sense to replace than make roof repairs. Online research has turned up lots of useful information about roof replacement and roof repairs.

Common signs of a worn out roof

  • Missing, curling, blistering, or cracked shingles. New asphalt based shingles have a granular covering which protects the tar surface and gives the shingle its attractive appearance, and a tar seal at the edge which prevents wind from lifting them up and blowing them off.  Over time, the granular surface loosens and wears off, and the tar strip loses its seal.  If you see granules in your gutters, or start to lose shingles during storms, look to see if you notice any cracking, curling, or blistering.  Any of these conditions may mean you need more than ordinary roof repairs.
  • Flashing and caulking damage. Most flashing products are made of aluminum, copper or galvanized metal, with caulking around the edge to seal it to the brick or siding.  Most flashing problems can be repaired by re-caulking or replacing the flashing, but if the shingles around the flashing are too old and brittle for repair, it is time for a new roof.
  • Roof appearance. A buckling or warped appearance may indicate the roof decking is rotten. About half the asphalt shingle roofs replaced each year have water damaged wood underneath the surface because leaks were hidden, ignored or improperly repaired.  Large areas of rotten wood generally call for an entire roof replacement.

Help deciding whether to repair my roof or replace it

I followed the advice of several roof repair sites online and opted to have my roof inspected by a qualified and trustworthy roofing professional. I was concerned by the appearance of slippery-looking strips of brownish algae growing up there, and certainly did not want to fall off my own roof. Besides, whether we repair my roof or replace it, I knew Charlotte roofing companies would do a comprehensive inspection before offering a written estimate for repair or replacement work, anyway. I asked professional roofers who service my Concord NC area for a professional inspection, and once completed, we talked about their findings. I appreciated the time we spent discussing my options with regard to roof repairs or roof replacement, and learning about the various roofing materials available.

My roof, like yours, is probably the most important part of my home and so finding the best possible roofers to repair my roof was important to me. I want the best materials, quality workmanship and skillful installation, and assurance that I can trust the roofing professionals working on my home. I have chosen Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte to repair my roof, and suggest you do the same.