Determining the best time for roof replacement

Roof replacementPicking your battle

Roof replacement is a major battle, and in order to win, you have to choose the best time of year. There is an old reference that speaks of “the time when kings go forth to battle.” This was usually late spring, after the snow was gone, when the weather was getting warmer, the days getting longer, and soldiers could march longer without being scorched in the sun. That pretty much sums up the best time to replace your roof. Before scheduling roof replacement, get with your contractor and find out the best possible time for this major project. No one can predict the weather, but we can make educated guesses about weather patterns in the near future.

When there is no rain

Roof replacement is extensive, and it can leave some parts of your home and attic vulnerable to severe weather. It is advisable to schedule your roof replacement during the time of year that it is least likely to rain or snow in your area. Ask your roofing installer if there are temporary remedies during the rainy months that can cover your roof with a waterproof covering in an effort to avoid costly and unnecessary leaks.

Determining the damage

The age-old problem for homeowners is when do you repair and when do you replace? You will need a whole new roof when your roof is visibly sagging. There may be a problem with leaks in these areas because the deepest part of the sagging area is exposed to the greatest amount of water for the longest period of time. This can warp the decking and cause a breakdown in the waterproof barrier.

Replacement or repairs

Most people continue to repair their roof when they really should replace it. They are hoping to keep adding patches to the roof that will allow them to avoid the cost of replacement. Many forget that if they plan to resell or refinance their home, they will be required to replace the roof in light of the expense for all those repairs.

Some homeowners choose to replace their roof in sections, which is better than not replacing the roof at all. However, it is advisable to investigate as to how this will affect your product warranty. Additionally, partial reroofing is actually more expensive on a cost-per-square foot basis. This can also lead to unexpected problems as well. For example, if a shingle roof already consists of two or more layers, all layers will need to be removed in order for a section of the roof to be replaced. This means additional labor and disposal costs and a situation where the old roof could be as much as a couple of inches higher than the new one.

Trustworthy roofing company in Charlotte, NC

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