Getting a roof replacement in Charlotte or Concord NC

roof replacement

Roof replacements in Charlotte and Concord NC

When Charlotte or Concord NC homeowners need a roof replacement, they have many professional roofers from which to choose.  Every day, clients contact Charlotte roofing companies to say, I Need To Repair My Roof. Simple roof repairs for small areas of damage can often solve leaking and other temporary problems, but sometimes an entire roof replacement is needed to ensure peak performance of the roof system.

Roof replacements can be costly

Fixing a completely worn or failed roof is generally the most expensive home improvement project a homeowner can schedule. Often, roof replacement requires removing the old shingles before installing new ones, especially if shingles have already been applied over existing ones; building codes in many towns and cities limit the number of times shingles can be covered over. Reliable Charlotte roofing companies typically recommend tearing off old shingles down to the decking so they can inspect the wood for rotten spots which would need to be replaced before installing new shingles. When you are contemplating having a roof replacement, finding trustworthy Charlotte roofing companies you can rely on for a fair price and great service is important.

Time to replace or repair my roof

From the minute your asphalt shingle roof was installed, the aging process began. Aging begins immediately, starting with the curing of the new shingles, when some granule loss and some blistering occur. The next stage is a long, slow period of aging which is a major portion of the natural life of your asphalt shingles. The final stage, toward the last years of your roofing material warranty, is when you should start to consider purchasing a new roof. Signs that roof repairs or roof replacement may be needed include curling, cracking, blistering, and staining. If you wonder whether damage to your roof is beyond normal aging, look for signs of opened blisters, cracking, and bald spots with exposed asphalt.

Advice on how best to repair my roof

Whether for roof repairs or installing a roof replacement, the homeowner and contractor should first thoroughly discuss the project, including tear-off versus covering old shingles; and the condition of roof decking, underlayment, ventilation, flashings, pipe collars. You should also discuss the performance of your overall roof design, and whether to change shingle types or styles, and even the style of your roof valleys. When planning your roof replacement project, take the time to talk things over with your trusted roofing expert, so that you are completely satisfied with the work to be done on your home.

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