Getting ready for a Charlotte roof replacement

Roof replacementWhen roof repairs are ineffective

Your last roof inspection revealed so much work that your best option is to have a roof replacement. You have done all due diligence and have hired a Charlotte roofing company, and they have scheduled a time to begin. Most people will think that all that is left is simply waiting for your new roof to be installed and write the check. Actually, there are still some things that you will need to do. Here we will offer a handy list of things you should do before the roofing contractor ever arrives.

Communicate with your neighbors

Be sure that your neighbors are aware that work is about to begin on your roof. Tearing off the old roof and nailing in a new roof can be a noisy venture. If your neighbors are not expecting the disruption, they may see your home improvement as an imposition and an inconvenience. Letting them know in advance will make a world of difference as far as their attitude, because you were thoughtful enough to help them be prepared for the situation. Let them know that the contractors may take steps to protect their property such as covering plants. Also, inform them that there may be a large dumpster parked in the driveway for a few days. Give them an idea of when the project will start and when you expect it to be finished. Be sure to keep them informed of any delays.

Prepare your property

Most importantly, cut your grass as short as possible without damaging it. Eventually, your roofer will need to clean up the area and it will be much easier for the workers to identify stray nails and debris on the ground. Move valuable or potted plants that may be in the way. Pick up garden hoses and other items in the yard that can become a trip hazard.

Cover your valuables

Cover everything in your attic that is of value. If it is necessary to replace some of the underlayment of your roof, it is likely that there will be debris that will fall through into your attic. Not only will this prevent damage to your belongings, it will also make cleaning up the attic much easier.

Make plans to get away during the day

Make plans for you and the family to be away from home while the work is going on during the day. As we mentioned earlier, the process of replacing your roof is a noisy business. The constant clamor and banging for long hours will be distracting and unpleasant at best. In addition, it may be necessary to have the house covered by tarps. Walking in and out of your home can be dangerous, and forget about children being able to play in the yard. Planning ahead will make your roof replacement a smoother process for you and your neighbors. Be sure to ask your Charlotte roofing company if they would recommend any additional precautions to help you prepare for your roof replacement.

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