Why insurance companies prefer wood shingle roof replacement

Roof replacementWood shingle roof replacement

Roofs with wood shingles are truly beautiful; however insurance companies would prefer other materials for your roof replacement. Wood shingles provide a pleasing look that gives every home charm and character. Wood shingles are so unique that no two roofs will look the same. Wood shingles allow the house to breathe and provide a natural barrier against the elements. The main reason that homeowners choose wood shingle roofing is because of its organic appearance. The appearance of a wooden roof is beyond compare to many.

Wood shingles and insurance coverage

A wood shingle roof has another side that can easily offset its beauty. A wooden roof presents problems that can become so troublesome that many insurance companies require homeowners to replace them. This puts the homeowners between the “rock” of losing coverage and the “hard place” of skyrocketing premiums.

Insurance carriers are justifiably concerned about wooden shingle roofs because they do require a little more maintenance and upkeep than some other types of roofing. Improper or poor attic ventilation will significantly reduce the life span of a wooden roof. In addition, wooden shingles can degrade very quickly under the constant bombardment of solar radiation; much faster than asphalt shingles. The prevailing direction of storms may visibly impact one part of a roof more than another part of the roof.

Wooden roofs are also susceptible to fire hazard during periods of drought or when fireworks are in use; especially in the winter when exposed to embers from fireplaces or wood stoves. Many homeowners are unaware that wood shingles are not rated by fire safety codes. Fire retardants offer a little protection, but they must be reapplied every few years, adding significantly to the cost of maintenance.

Roof repairs that keep your wooden roof in top shape

Insurance companies have become increasingly wary of insuring homes with wood shingle roofing. The challenges related to owning wood shingle roofs greatly outweigh their beauty and natural appearance. If you have a wooden roof on your home expect that it will require a good deal of diligence and knowledge to keep the roof properly maintained and in good shape. Frankly, this can only be attained by hiring reputable Charlotte roofing companies that can stay on top of the situation.

A reliable roofing company in Charlotte, NC

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