Insurance premiums drive wooden roof replacement

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In spite of their natural beauty, wooden roof problems have become so costly and commonplace that insurance companies encourage homeowners to replace them. This means that homeowners face the reality of losing coverage or having their premiums skyrocket. The main advantage of wood shingles is that they offer a pleasing look that is so unique that no two roofs will look the same. Wood also allows the house to breathe and at the same time, insulates the attic. Many homeowners do not want to change from their beautiful wooden roofs, but are finding that some companies may place a roof exclusion on their policy.

Costly maintenance and roof repairs

Some of the major issues with wood shingles on your roof include insect infestation, warping, shrinkage, and of course; fire damage. These are just a few problems associated with wooden roofs. The wear and tear on a wooden roof varies. There are several factors that play a role in the life span of wooden shingles. The slopes of the roof, the quality of the product, and proper ventilation all have a significant effect in the life of the roof and the cost to maintain it.

Attic ventilationPoor attic ventilation is the greatest contributor to the reduction of the life of a wooden roof. Roofs with a great amount of southern exposure receive the most direct sun light, which causes the wood to degrade much faster. Even the prevailing winds and storms may cause one part of a roof to deteriorate sooner.

Fire safety – The most pressing issue with wooden shingle roofs is that they are not rated by fire safety codes. Some municipalities require the application of fire retardants, which offer declining protection as time goes by, so they have to be reapplied every few years. This is an added expense beyond routine maintenance required for other types of organic roofing. Fire is the major concern for insurance companies. Embers blown from a fireplace, or an errant firework could cause a fire in a home a distance away.

Insurance companies have become wary of insuring homes and commercial buildings with wood shingles on their roofs. The chances of problems and the cost of maintenance make wooden roofs a high risk venture. If you have a wooden roof on your home, do not be surprised if your insurance company asks you to replace it. They could possibly drop you, raise your rates, or exclude the roof on your homeowner policy.

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