Roof replacement is not the time to skimp on costs

Roof replacementPrepare for roof replacement

Most homeowners work hard to save their money, and when it is time for roof replacement, it is rarely a planned event. If the roof of your home is 15 to 20 years old, you should really start preparing for this necessary and unavoidable reality. Because so many homeowners are unprepared for replacing their roof, they will try their best to skimp or take shortcuts to save as much money as possible. Usually, these money saving short cuts carry a significant cost later on, even if you plan to sell your home.

The importance of quality shingles

People are under the impression that choosing cheaper shingles will save a lot of money when replacing the roof. However, the difference in cost between low end shingles and quality shingles are not as significant as many people might believe. The price difference between 15-year shingles and 25-year shingles, or even limited lifetime shingles, is hardly significant over the extra 10 to 15 years of service life.

It does not pay to skimp on the price of shingles, even if you plan to sell your home in the future. Buyers will not invest in a home with a roof that could need replacement in five or six years. They do not mind upgrading light fixtures or appliances, but a substandard roof can be a deal breaker. Additionally, many lenders require that the homeowner bring the roof up to standards before they will approve the loan.

Do not skimp on ventilation

Over the years, your home can change. Perhaps you have added air tight windows and doors, added a room, or made a significant change in the structure. Perhaps a stand of trees have been cut down. Any of these things can be factors that change the ventilation requirements for your home. Excess heat in the attic can cause considerable damage to roofing components, even to the extent that it will require premature roof replacement.

An expert roofing installer can explain the best choices when it comes to the ventilation needed for your roof. There are numerous solutions available, such as ridge venting, fascia vents, and exhaust vents. The cost for ventilation can be relatively nominal and will pay for its expense through the extended life of your roof.

The most advanced of Charlotte roofing companies

Sometimes the best way to save money is to spend a little more money to get the job done right. Replacing your roof can be a once in a lifetime project, but only if the materials and the labor is of the highest quality. It is useless to spend the money on quality materials if you do not choose the best possible installer.

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