Roof replacements no surprise in Charlotte NC

roof replacement

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Repair or replace my roof?

When homeowners like me in the Charlotte and Concord NC area need a roof replacement, we begin our search for Charlotte roofing companies with the knowledge that doing business locally is going to save us worry, time, and money. That is why, when I needed to repair my roof, I did not look outside the local pool of experienced home repair experts to find just the right roofers for my own roof repairs.

Roof repairs part of normal home ownership

In the aftermath of recent storms, I realized I would need to repair my roof.  When I sat down to think about how long ago my asphalt shingle roof  had been installed, I could really appreciated what a great investment it had been. Decades of hot sun, driving rains, high winds – and the occasional hail storm – produced only minor damages for me to deal with, thanks to routine roof inspections and preventive maintenance measures by roof replacement and repair experts.

Seeking Charlotte roofing companies to repair my roof

Thankfully, by the time I needed my roof replacement I was already doing business with Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, a wonderful group of professionals who provide great roofing and exterior home improvement services to residential and commercial clients. After I first heard about them through a personal recommendation, I did some follow-up to see for myself the quality materials and high standards of workmanship they deliver. For roof replacements and roof repairs, there is no better choice in the Charlotte or Concord NC area.

Roof replacement

Roof replacements are necessary when age or weather damages shingles to the extent that they are no longer reliable. Cracked, torn, curling, or dried out from the sun, asphalt shingles need replacing when they are at risk for causing leaks. If roof repairs are completed before leaking occurs, replacing shingles can be enough to avoid damage to your home. Once water seeps underneath damaged shingles, however, it finds a downward route to the ground that can cause serious damage to your roof deck, insulation, wiring, and interior ceilings and walls. With this kind of complete roof system failure, a total roof replacement is the only solution.

Roof replacement adds value to your home

Whether you plan to sell in the next few years or live in your home for the rest of your life, a roof replacement adds value to your residence. The increase in curb appeal a new roof provides, the satisfaction of knowing that your roof is performing at peak efficiency, and the confidence that your family and property are well protected from the elements all make your roof replacement worthwhile.

If a roof replacement is on your list of home improvements for this year, contact the experts at one of the many reputable and reliable Charlotte roofing companies. Check out the expert roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the folks I asked to repair my roof. You can expect a prompt response to your service request in the immediate Concord NC area and beyond, and expert execution of your roof repairs. For a roof replacement you can count on, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, today.