Roofers in Charlotte NC are skilled on different types of buildings

Roofers in Charlotte provide an essential service in the area

Roofers in Charlotte and Concord, NC help building owners with various projects throughout the year. These include repairs, inspections, maintenance services, renovation, and new installations. Whether you have a residential or commercial building on your property, you may need the services of a roofer at one point or another. There are some differences between these two building projects, however, so it is a good idea to find the right professionals for the jobs.

Differences between residential and commercial roofing projects

If you are lucky, you can find roofers in Charlotte NC who are experienced with working on both residential and commercial roofing projects. At times, you may also come across a roofer with more experience in a particular area. There are a few differences between these types of roofs, and these are helpful to know when you are looking for an expert to repair or install your roof. Let’s explore some of these.

  • The scale of the project- In many cases, commercial building projects take place on a very large scale. There are a lot of additional considerations that may be required. If you work with a roofer who specializes in residential projects, they may struggle with a very large project on a commercial scale.
  • Industry standards- Depending on the industry and purpose of the building, a commercial roof may need to check certain additional boxes compared with a residential one.
  • Choice of roofing materials- For various reasons, some roofing materials are more suitable for commercial buildings than for residential ones. The choice often depends a lot on how the roofing material appears, ease of installation, costs, durability, industry standards, and preferences. Shingles, for example, are very popular in the residential context.
  • Importance of aesthetics- To add to the previous point, aesthetics is typically more important when considering the roofing of a house than an office building. If you are like many other American homeowners, you may have chosen shingles for your roof. There are different materials that can be used for shingles including metal, cedar, and asphalt. Some of the benefits of this material as far as aesthetics include the three-dimensional appearance they provide and the wide range of designs available.

Roofer contractors love to help their clients with all kinds of roofing projects. Regardless of what your priorities and budget are, you may need a different set of skillsets and experience. If you need a roof installation, make sure you work with a roofer who has hands-on experience with either commercial or residential projects.

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