Charlotte’s best roofers debunk myths about skylights

Roofers help install skylights and transform the overall appearance of your home

Charlotte’s best roofers can help you transform your home’s look by installing skylights. Rooms in your house are lit by natural light beams. stunning vistas of the starry winter sky or the multicolored woods. afternoons in April with cool breezes. In the larger, more open spaces of your home, traditional skylights can provide these dramatic advantages when installed properly.

Just trying to brighten up a tiny section of your house with some concentrated sunlight? Do you have any inside rooms, lofts, or hallways that would benefit from natural light? These tiny spaces can be brightened with a sun tunnel, a rigid or pitched cylindrical skylight, making the interiors more livable while saving you money and lowering your carbon footprint. Since there is a lot of false information concerning skylights, start by researching information to help you distinguish between fact and fiction.

You need to constantly maintain your skylights

On flat panel systems, leaves and other debris do accumulate, but skylights with more recent design elements, like domed panels, are self-cleaning. With no moving parts that require upkeep or repair, its impact-resistant, totally sealed assemblies eliminate the need for homeowners to climb onto the roof.

Their installation can be tough

Skylights of today don’t need to be specifically fitted between rafters and joists. No significant wall or ceiling repairs are required. Instead, modern skylights use proprietary fastening systems, angle adapters, and adjustable tubes to fit in between the framework parts of your house. A factory-trained installer can usually complete the operation without incident.

Skylights definitely leak

In addition to not always being installed with the same level of expertise as renowned roofers, earlier skylight designs weren’t always as water-tight as the present models. The ground-breaking systems your roofer suggests are equipped with cutting-edge moisture controls, such as water-tight features that deflect rainwater, safeguarding your house from long-term water damage.

UV lights through skylights can damage interiors

While most people appreciate the advantages of natural light, too much sunlight can fade finishes on carpets, furniture, and other objects. Nowadays, homeowners can enjoy glare-free, even natural light without worrying about damage to furniture and finishes thanks to features in new skylights that filter out these harmful UV rays.

Work with Charlotte’s best roofers

Skylights can be an ideal addition in your home since they accentuate the interior space and transform your building’s overall look. Work with the best roofer in Charlotte NC to enjoy top quality results. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.