Roofers in Charlotte NC explains the impact of snow and ice on your roof

Roofers protect your roof against snow and ice damage

Roofers in Charlotte NC will help you define measures to protect your roof from snow and ice damage. Snowstorms can be common in winter and damage the roof. Here’s how:

Freezing or thawing

Snow melts and finds its way into gutters or even tiny roof crevices. When it becomes cold enough to be below freezing, the water freezes, which causes the fissures to widen. As additional water enters and freezes, the cycle is repeated, causing the fissures to widen. This could be the cause of any leaks you’ve noticed after ice and snow have been on your roof.

Ice dams

Ice dams are ridges of ice that develop at the edge of roofs and obstruct the flow of water from melting snow. The water that accumulates behind the dam might leak into a house, causing harm to the insulation, walls, and ceilings, among other things.

Snow build-up

The recent winter storm began as light, fluffy snow before changing to sleet, which settled on top of the snow. If you spent some time shoveling, you’ll notice that it’s now simple. This could lead to some weight building up on your roof, especially if it is flatter. Get a professional assessment that will also look inside your attic to see the state of your roof if you’re concerned about damage to your roof from heavy snowfall.

Damage when removing ice or snow

If you attempt to clear the snow yourself, use caution because it could be simple to pierce your shingles or even the waterproof membrane of the roof due to an especially harsh scrape to get rid of the buildup. During the winter, you’ll want to make sure to give your roof extra attention.

Your roof may leak or possibly collapse due to heavy snowfall or ice damming. The same goes for your gutters since they might get disconnected from your property if they have too much weight inside them due to heavy snow and ice.

This happens since snow is heavy and dense, and it may quickly collect, adding significantly to the weight of your roof and gutters. Ice buildup on the top of the roof and inside the gutters can result from water that freezes and turns to ice quickly. Too much weight on the roof and gutters causes a variety of issues, such as a sagging roof and detached gutters, which can lead to leaks and structural damage to your property.

Work with the best roofers in Charlotte NC

Snow storms can cause extensive damage to the roof and if left unattended can be catastrophic. Work with the best roofers in Charlotte NC for the best results

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