Best roofing company for chimney caps installation in Charlotte and Concorde, NC

Roofing company chimney cap inspection 

Top roofing company experts recommend that chimneys should be inspected annually for any signs of wear and tear. During this inspection, the professional checks for any signs that a replacement chimney cap is needed. Good and proper maintenance of the chimney cap will extend its lifetime. Request an inspection that includes roof access to include the chimney crown and cap.

Top roofing company list signs it’s time for a new chimney cap

Roofing company experts say that one of the first potential signs of a damaged chimney cap is the accumulated buildup of creosote that blocked the flue. Creosote is a highly toxic substance to human health. Therefore, if you suspect a creosote buildup, seek professional assistance immediately. Also, while checking the flue, if you notice any water leaking this indicates the chimney cap needs replacing.

Another way to determine if it needs a replacement is to look at the overall physical appearance of the chimney cap. Your chimney cap should be secured tightly to the chimney and not loosened. There shouldn’t be a sign of any visible holes or tears or rust on the cap. If you notice that your chimney has sustained any type of structural damage, you should immediately contact a professional for a proper inspection and replacement.

How much does it cost to replace a chimney cap?

The overall cost of a chimney cap is influenced by many factors such as:

  • Size of the flue. Chimney comes in many styles (lined or unlined) such as their caps. Before a chimney cap is ordered, this needs to be considered. 
  • Custom chimney cap. Now if a homeowner prefers a custom chimney cap, the cost is significantly more than standard versions. 
  • Multi-flue caps. Multi-flue chimney caps are higher priced than standard versions because they are large and require additional time to install.
  • Accessibility and time. The installation costs of your chimney also dependent on its accessibility. If a contractor finds it difficult to assess your roof or chimney, a surcharge of a certain price applies. 
  • Finally, the material used for the construction of your chimney cap, the style preference, and your budget will shape your cost decision.

Top roofers in Charlotte and Concord NC

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