Common residential roofing problem in Charlotte, NC

Common residential roofing problem

Residential roofing issues can develop over time as a result of usual wear and tear. And in typical cases, it can suddenly happen and catch us by surprise. Whatever the reason is, your residential roof contractor will be able to deal with it. Below are some of the most frequent reasons for residential roofing problems in Charlotte, NC

Residential roof leaks 

Damaged shingles and flashing are the most common reasons for roof leaks. When you discover, you have damp walls, discolored areas on your wall or ceiling. That’s a sign of a roof leak. However, while some are visible, others may require Charlotte’s best roofing Contractors. Roof leaks can start very small then later become bigger, seeping into other areas of your room. Therefore, watch out and check your shingles, flashing points, around the gutter, chimney, and other areas from time to time.

Pooled water

Just like leak roof, pools of water can damage your roof, especially if you have a low pitch or a flat roof. If water begins to form or store on your roof, your roof is at a higher risk of been damaged. These pools can cause damage like to your shingles, reach the underneath, increase the chance of leaking, and can even cause sagging to your roofline. Calling a professional Concord, NC residential roofer, is the best thing to do in situations like this to determine the source and provide solutions to the problems.

Fallen trees

If giant trees surround you, the limbs and branches can fall or rub against your roof, knocking off loose shingles, tiles, and flashing. Things can go worse during the storm or heavy rainfall if the tree falls on your property, leaving structural damage. Avoid these potential problems by cutting and trimming off branching or removing trees that pose a severe threat to your property.

Ice and snow-related damages

It is essential to pay attention to your roof during the winter season. Snow and ice can pile up fast, melt into water, then penetrates beneath your roof and cause a severe problem. The ice underneath your roof can also cause havoc by pushing up your shingles or flashing, leaving spaces though which more ice and water can come in. One way to solve this is by calling a roofer for inspection and maintenance.

Poor installation

Choosing an unqualified or inexperienced roofing contractor can cost you more money in the long run. If your roof installation is handed wrongly, your roof will be prone to problems. The bad installation can shorten your roof life span.

Charlotte residential roofing

No matter how your roofing condition might be, either minor or significant, it is important to rely on a professional residential roofing contractor than to ignore the signs. Proper roof inspection and maintenance are important. If you need an experienced and expert to help you, don’t hesitate to request our service. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a roofing company in Charlotte, NC, and a veteran in the industry. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.