Roofing companies advise if Charlotte NC roofs need changing

Are you about to make the decision whether to change your roof or have it professionally repaired?

Roofing companies in Charlotte NC can almost smell when a home needs a roof repair,or it is time for a replacement roof. Charlotte’s best roofing companies have been doing the same thing for a vast number for years and have learned a thing or two about residential roof repair.

Do you know the right time to replace your roof, or what damage to look for so you can have a repair? Read on and see if any of the following can help make your decision.

How old is your Charlotte NC roof?

A shingle roof has a lifespan of around 15 years if it hasn’t faced any severe abuse from the weather. If you have had roofing companies perform regular maintenance on your roof, then you might eke out a few more years, but it won’t be many.

Once shingle roofs get to a certain age, repairs are more frequent, and your shingles can begin to look like a patchwork quilt. Maintenance costs increase, and you might find you are calling your local residential roofer to pay a visit or two each year.

Missing shingles hide the answer that roofing companies look for

Depending on the size of your home, you might not be able to see every nook and cranny where your shingles are. These can not only be missing, but they can curl under warmer weather, and as soon as the wind catches them, it can pull them from their fixings.

Roofing companies know the areas where to look and check for these problems. All it takes is one or two to move, and over time, you can have a severe water problem every time it rains.

A roofing company can check in five minutes

A local roofing contractor can have one of their guys quickly check the condition of any roof in Charlotte or Concord NC. After scaling a ladder, they can scuttle across the roof and check the most vulnerable areas.Curling or slipped shingles to them are easy to spot, and they will see if there is any further water damage.

Pros and cons of repairs over replacements

If it can be done, roofing companies will advise that a roof repair is possible. However, they will explain the ins and outs that come with repairs. Yes, they are cheaper, but in the long run, it might be a false economy. Charlotte’s best roofing contractors do all they can, but restoring an unrepairable roof isn’t one of them.

Residential roofing companies in Charlotte NC make things nice and dry

If you have a roof which is still young, then there is no need to consider a new roof. But for many houses, they are reaching the stage where they are becoming troublesome. It can be from wear and tear, or old age, but a roof will need changing before the underlying structure is damaged.

If you have any concerns, or you already know the answer, but want a second opinion. Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the professional roofers will be happy to give you a quick survey, and put your mind at ease, or deliver the news you were expecting.