Roofing companies in Charlotte clean slate roofs

Roofing companies can help you clean your slate roof. To extend the life of your roof, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance. Beyond cleaning, defoaming or specific treatments must be carried out depending on the case to ensure the durability of your roof.

In this article, we will give you insights on how to clean a slate roof. You will learn tips for optimal maintenance of a slate roof.

Steps to clean a slate roof

If your roof needs cleaning, choose the right time to do it. The meteorological conditions must allow easy intervention on the roof. Likewise, if you plan to apply treatments to your roof, these must be done in dry weather.

Avoid periods of strong wind or heat, which are factors in the evaporation of products. If you are cleaning in the winter, wait until the trees have lost all of their foliage.

Cleaning is one thing; prevention is another. Here is a list of advice to avoid the appearance of moss on your roof:

Depending on the environment in your home, it may be necessary to apply an anti-foam treatment once a year or every 2 years.

To limit the appearance of mosses, prune trees near the roof and trim anything that grows along your exterior facades.

Apply the product in  weather (except in very hot weather)

It is important to respect the dosages and instructions, as well as the action times of the products because some require rinsing.

If you must use “aggressive” products, use a mask that will protect you from odors (they can sometimes cause headaches or dizziness).

In general, if you undertake your roof cleaning work or treatments yourself, ensure your safety with suitable protective equipment (and, in particular, a safety harness if you have to move on the roof).

Moss removal from a slate roof

Moss on the slate will generally be easier to remove than moss on clay tiles, which can cling more deeply. To remove the foam, you will have the choice between:

  • Manual brushing (recommended)
  • High-pressure cleaning (to be avoided)
  • Chemical treatments

Roof brushing

For manual brushing, using a stiff brush and water, you will need to scrub the foams to make them fall out. Then rinse the roof with water, from top to bottom, having previously removed any large residue that could clog the gutters.

Product level, avoid bleach or other corrosive products which could damage the slates (and which are also very bad for the environment).

When cleaning a roof, it is recommended to protect its gutter to avoid clogging it. After cleaning, you will, in most cases, need to clean the gutter.

High-pressure cleaning of the roof by roofing companies

High precision cleaning is mentioned here, but it is not recommended for a simple reason, you risk damaging your roof.

In fact, cleaning the roof at high pressure can wreak havoc on a slate roof. If you want to carry out high-pressure cleaning, it is better to entrust it to a professional who has the necessary experience in the matter and will use the right method so as not to damage the slates.

If you still want to try the experience yourself, direct the jet in the direction of the flow of the water and move up and down. Maintain a sufficient distance between the jet and the slates not to damage their surfaces.

Roof defoamer treatment

You can also use chemical treatment solutions.

Allow about 20 liters of product for about 100 m² of the roof. When purchasing, it is strongly recommended to choose a non-corrosive and biodegradable product.

This cleaning consists of applying with a brush, roller, or by spraying a curative product and rinsing it after leaving it to act. However, the following precautions should be taken:

  • Adapt the concentration of product to the importance of the problem
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Protect accessories (zinc work, gutters, or roof windows)

Water repellent treatment for slate roofs

Like other roofing materials, slate is also sensitive to the elements. However, a slate roof resists better over time compared to other types of materials. The water-repellent treatment of the roof remains an interesting option to study if you want to make the slate even more resistant to the risks of infiltration.

Getting the best roofing companies in Charlotte and Concord, NC

In this article, you’ve learned how to clean your slate roof and also how to remove moss from your slate roof.

Despite these tips, it is best advised to allow roofing companies to handle roof cleaning projects.

If you live in Charlotte and Concord, NC, and you would like to clean your slate roof, you need to employ the services of the best roofing company in the area. They will help with the cleaning process of your slate roof. They will also help with any other roofing task you may have.

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