Roofing companies in Charlotte help replace roofs

Roofing companies play an important role in every geographic location. Your roof is as important as the foundation of your house or a security system. A failing roof can cost you time, money, and your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know how to assess the warning signs of a failing roof until it’s too late.

We want to help you understand your roof and be proactive with it. The following signs will help you determine when to change your existing roof to a permanent solution.

Age of roof – Shingles that curl

An old roof may need to be replaced no matter what it looks like and even if it is not leaking. According to roofing companies and the asphalt shingle market, roofs last 17-19 years. This number is declining rapidly in regions affected by extreme climatic conditions.

Are the edges of your shingle curling?

This is a sign that you need to replace your roof. Seek help from roofing companies.

Shingles that are beyond their lifespan will begin to round off at the ends from overexposure to the sun and the elements. If the shingles bend, they expose your roof to rain that can get into your attic and walls. This water will not only cause unsightly stains, but it will also become a favorable area for mold growth and could cause damage throughout the structure of your home.

Living elements on the roof – Lines of mold

Asphalt shingles are petroleum-based products that incorporate limestone and other organic materials. Protective granules on the surface of the shingles provide nooks and crannies that attract and trap dirt. Along with the dirt, there are microscopic organisms that feed the organic matter and/or harbor it among the protective granules. Do you have vertical dark lines on your roof or green areas that are growing?

This is another sign that you need to replace your roof.

These are examples of moss, fungi or algae attacking your roof. On an asphalt roof, the fungi feed on limestone and erode the small protective barrier formed by the granules. This continues to deteriorate your roof’s appearance and value. These elements attack many types of roofs, including asphalt shingles.

Roof protection – Loss of granules and shingles

Asphalt and stone coated shingles are covered with gravel-like granules. These granules, glued to the base of the shingle, offer homeowners a wide variety of colors at a low cost. As the roof is exposed to the sun and climate, the glue gradually loses its effectiveness. Over time, as the granules disappear, the shingles lose their effectiveness and leave sections of your roof exposed to wind, rain, heat, and snow.

Granules in your gutter. This is another sign that may lead you to change your roof.

If you find more and more granules in your gutters or at their ends, your roof will offer you less and less protection for your home. As the granules disappear in your gutters, the shingles themselves will tend to disappear from your roof during high winds.

Holes in the roof – Water in the attic

Most homeowners know it’s time for a new roof when water stains appear on the ceiling or when water drops fall at the foot of the bed during a heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, many leaks start long before they are visible. When asphalt shingles bend and lose granules, they begin to pull away from the roof. When steady winds and heavy rain hit, water can explode under the shingle and find a way to punch holes or pass under the protective membrane of the roof.

Wet stains in your attic: this is the fourth sign that may lead you to change your roof. Go to your attic with a flashlight. Identify where the valleys are – where the different parts of the roof meet. Also, look at the back of the fireplace.

Is the lumber wet or damp?

  • Is the insulation discolored or showing like coffee stains and has black turned pink somewhere?
  • If you have skylights, is there mold in the skylight blank?

If you see any of these phenomena, your roof is failing. Quick repairs will not stop the leaks but will only serve temporarily. Also, if you have water in the attic, that means the roof will need more than a quick fix – it will need to be replaced to prevent serious damage to your property and the structural integrity of your home.

Getting the best roofing company in Charlotte and Concord, NC

As a resident of Charlotte and Concord, NC, when you are ready to replace your roof, it will be best to contact Charlotte’s best roofing companies. You should be careful not to take on the replacement of your roof by yourself. You could do more damage than construction if you lack experience. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.