Charlotte’s roofing company explains why synthetic roofing is popular

Charlotte’s roofing company helps homeowners best understand synthetic roofing

Charlotte’s roofing company recommends learning about synthetic roofing to make an informed and worthwhile decision when replacing your system. Synthetic roofing is on the charts for being a good roofing solution. This is particularly true for synthetic slate tiles as opposed to real slate. The latter has become costly to install and maintain over time, making the former the go-to choice.

Synthetic Roofing and Composite Roofing

Composite refers to a combination of various things. It can be used to describe any combination of wood, fiber cement, vinyl, and recycled materials. Composites produce different construction materials, including roofing products. Composite roofing is often made with recycled rubbers and plastics.

Synthetic roofing products have made it to the market recently. Their manufacturing and design processes take different approaches and show distinct advantages.

What to know about synthetic roofing

1. It looks great

Synthetic roofing is adapted from actual slate and real wood shakes for impressive results. DaVinci products specifically evoke a natural-looking, non-repeating pattern that’s aesthetically pleasing. You may find it hard to establish they aren’t real slate tiles or real cedar wood shakes.

2. Colors that don’t fade

The ultimate synthetic roof tiles and roof shakes are manufactured from pure virgin resins, which are then fortified with effective UV stabilizers. To cut the long story short, this means that whichever color you select for your roof is the color that will hold out for many decades to come.

3. Better durability compared to seemingly natural products

Opting for wood shakes can be particularly daunting since they rot, crack, and curl. Although natural slate is naturally long-lasting, it can still degrade due to weathering. Well-made, well-installed synthetic roofs offer reliable, low-maintenance durability engineered to go for a lifetime.

4. Stunning wind resistance

It’s typical for roofing manufacturers to give the impression that their materials are wind-resistant. But without real data, that remains assumptions. Synthetic roofs from companies like DaVinci are engineered to tolerate the equivalent of a Cat 5 hurricane wind burst and can resist sustained winds of 110 mph. It is hard to find as many roofing materials that can match this level of performance.

5. Solid fire protection

There’s no such thing as a fireproof roof. But DaVinci’s synthetic roofing comes close than most options. Its Class A fire rating means it’s least likely to burn during a fire threat.

6. Better warranty

Synthetic roofing warranties will turn any head. A good example is the DaVinci synthetic roofing with a lifetime warranty that lasts up to 50 years.

7. More impact protection

Surprisingly, synthetic roofing is more impact resistant than other roofing options, such as metal and concrete. This is because synthetics aren’t brittle and feature a Class 4 impact rating higher than that of natural slate, asphalt, concrete, natural shakes, and metal.

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