Roofing company for chimney cap for Charlotte homeowners

Roofing company experts emphasize that chimney caps are essential for protecting the structure of a chimney. The caps prevent moisture from entering the flue and seeping inside the interior of the chimney.

Chimney caps are also used to prevent pests from nesting inside the flue. Over time, chimney caps can sustain damage from pests or poor weather conditions and require replacement.

Signs that you need to replace your chimney cap

A roofing company expert will say that chimneys should be inspected annually by a service professional for any signs of wear and tear. During the inspection, the professional checks for any signs that a replacement chimney cap is needed.

One of the first potential signs of a damaged chimney cap is that a build-up of creosote has accumulated and blocked the flue. Creosote is a highly toxic substance with human health warnings issued through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If you suspect a creosote build-up, seek out professional assistance immediately. Creosote has a black, oily appearance and long-term exposure is linked to lung problems. By shining a flashlight into the flue, you can check for creosote build-up. While checking the flue, if you notice any water leaking this could also indicate the chimney cap needs replacing.

Looking at the overall physical appearance of the chimney cap is another strategy to determine if it needs replacing. When inspecting the chimney cap, it should be secured tightly to the chimney and not loosened. On the top of the cap, the metal mesh should appear solid and not show any visible holes or tears.

If the chimney has sustained any type of structural damage, you should replace the cap, too. For instance, if there was a chimney fire, the structural integrity of the chimney cap is likely compromised. Severe weather events such as hail storms and hurricanes could also damage the cap.

Maintenance of a chimney cap

Proper maintenance of the chimney cap will extend its lifetime. The top form of maintenance for all parts of the chimney, including the cap, is to schedule an inspection. Inspections are best done annually to ensure no structural damage has occurred to the interior and exterior parts of the chimney. Request an inspection that includes roof access to include the chimney crown and cap.

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