Roofing company in Charlotte explains why your home needs siding

A top Charlotte roofing company encourages residents to side their homes. Siding refers to the protective covering on the exterior walls of your building. While the roof protects your house from harsh weather conditions, siding protects the walls and interior of your house from these weather elements. Aside from protecting the walls, it also adds beauty to the walls of your building. Siding is also called wall cladding.

There are different types and styles of siding available. It is made of different materials; from aluminum, steel, vinyl, wood, asphalt, and cement. You can also combine materials. These are called composite materials.

Why you should side your home

The aim of siding your house is to protect it from weather elements like intense sun, rain, snow, wind, and so on. When the walls of your home are exposed to such elements, it affects their structure and life span.

Also, siding your house makes it more valuable especially when you want to sell it. You are guaranteed a strong and protected house. This is one of the things buyers look out for when purchasing a house. Without siding, the walls on the interior of your house would become prone to damage and may form molds.

Another benefit of siding your home is managing energy bills. With properly insulated siding, the utility bills that come from the heating and cooling of your home are managed. But you need to make sure that the sidings are properly stalled by a roofing company.

Top 3 types of siding for your house

Now you have seen the importance of siding your house, you might be thinking that it’s time to finally get those sidings for your house. You are absolutely right! But before you get, you need to know the top 3 sidings available so you would have an idea of what you want to get.

  1. Stone siding: These are also known as slate shingles. It is usually used in rural areas. It has a very strong durability level.
  2. Metal siding: Metal sidings are very good for your house. They are also very good for industrial buildings. Metal materials include steel and aluminum. Sometimes, copper is used as a material. Metal sidings are popular because of their malleability, durability, and beauty (because they come in different colors).

Charlotte residents usually prefer aluminum sidings to other metal sidings. This is because, when reacted with air, aluminum forms an aluminum oxide which is a very hard coating that protects the aluminum surface from degradation.

  1. Wood siding: Wood sidings are very common in rural areas and some country homes. They are very versatile and can be painted in different colors. One of the best qualities of wood sidings is that they are easy to install and repair. But they require more maintenance because wood isn’t as durable as other siding materials like metal. Wood is susceptible to degradation by ants and termites.

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company

Roofing companies in Charlotte offer protective exterior services. Protecting the walls of your home is very essential if you want to preserve the quality and structure of your building. But a poorly installed siding would not make an impact. Instead, you would only end up incurring more costs when damages occur.

To get the best results and be on the safe side, you should hire professional help. An expert would properly inspect and install the best siding choice for your house and also offer advice on how to maintain it. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.