Roofing company suggests the best chimney caps in Charlotte NC

Top roofing company explains that chimney caps are essential for residents in Charlotte. You probably have a chimney and sometimes wonder if something can creep into your house through your chimney, so you want to find a way to cover it. A chimney cap is a protective covering that covers the top of your chimney.

Placing a chimney cap over your chimney protects your fireplace from rain, snow, and any unwanted thing from entering your house. Most homes in Charlotte and the surrounding areas like China Grove and Kannapolis are opting in for the installment of a chimney cap because they know that without a cap, your chimney is like a house without a roof — open and exposed. It could damage your fireplace.

The best chimney caps are usually made of copper mesh and steel. A properly installed chimney cap not only protects your chimney from any unwanted damage but also has a beautiful aesthetic to your home.

It is advisable to hire a professional roofing company to help you with the installation. There are different types of chimney caps available in the market. Keep reading to know about the best options available.

Best types of chimney caps for your chimneys

Getting a chimney cap can be overwhelming, especially if you know nothing about chimney caps. When choosing a chimney cap, it is advisable to consider budget, longevity, and installation process. Here are the best types of chimney caps to consider:

  1. Electrical Draft Chimney Cap

This is a more modern type of chimney cap. It comes with an attached electric fan. You can control the speed level of the fan depending on the fire condition or the weather. It makes the roof look beautiful and modernized. Electrical draft Chimney caps are available in different sizes, precisely from 3 to 12 inches.

However, these caps can be pricey. They cost between $60 to $200. It is worth it because of the amazing benefits they come with.

  1. Standard Chimney Cap

Just like the name, these chimney caps are very standard. They are attached with screws and come with screens to keep animals like squirrels and stray cats away. Standard chimney caps come with fasteners and are made of copper, stainless steel, and sometimes galvanized metal.

These caps are most common in Charlotte buildings. The screens help hold back sparks that shoot from the fireplace. This is a huge benefit because if not trapped, these sparks can shoot over the chimney and into the yard causing an outdoor fire. Standard chimney caps are worth between $40 to $300.

  1. Custom Chimney Caps

This is a chimney cap specially designed for your chimney. The roofing company will inspect your chimney and fireplace and determine the type of chimney cap you would need. It is usually the most expensive among other chimney caps costing between $300 to $1,600.

This cap is customized just to fit your chimney. Because chimney flues can be complex, it is advisable to get one that fits the flue of your home. A roofing company would help in the construction, design, and installation of the chimney cap.

The top roofing company in Charlotte NC

Chimney caps are a must-have for every chimney. It protects your fireplace from getting damaged and saves you lots of money, time, and energy that will have been spent fixing a damaged fireplace.

Improper installation would cause more damages. Hire a professional roofing company in Charlotte to help you decide on the best cap for your chimney and help you properly install a chimney cap. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.