Can a Charlotte NC roofing contractor winterize my home?

Roofing contractorWhy should a roof install come to my home?

A roofing contractor will be busy around this time of year in preparation for winter here’s the main areas they will check in preparation for wet and cold weather.

If you think you, need a professional roofer to give your home a quick check, then read on to see which areas they will focus on?

A Charlotte NC roofing contractor will clear gutters and check for leaks

Clearing the gutters is an important maintenance task in the home. Clean gutters will also prepare the roof for winter weather. Leaves, twigs and miscellaneous debris will block your gutters. An obstructed gutter may cause extensive water damage, which threatens your roof, basement, and other indoor parts of your home.

You must be aware of the foundations of your home, because water damage from obstructed gutters can reach there as well. If cleaning gutters will not reduce the amounts of water damage, then it is time to fully replace your gutters.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies scour for signs damage

You will then need to examine your roof for visible signs of damage.One sign of damage is missing caulk, loose or missing shingles. You’ll also need to be sure the under felt is sturdy.

However, for the untrained it can be unsafe to climb up onto the roof. It is better to call the local professional roofing contractor to inspect it if you don’t think it is safe going up to the top of a ladder. Some individuals use binoculars or even drones, but these still rely on you knowing what damage looks like. A professional roof installer in Concord NC can do this in a fraction of the time.

Attics need checking by a roof installer

Part of preparing your roof for the oncoming winter season is to have an inspection in the attic. Depending on the age and condition of your roof structure, it may take reinforcement of the roof beams before heavy storms hit the area. The same approach applies if you have concerns about a snowstorm damaging your home.

If there are, unusual color stains on the roof of the attic. Check to be sure none of your insulation has rotted – if needed, contact your local roofing contractor and get them to change is sooner than later. Before you leave the attic, be certain there is adequate ventilation. A well-ventilated attic will be less likely to be affected by seasonal rainfall moisture damage or by mold infestations that are caused by troublesome leaks.

Getting in touch with the local roof installer in Charlotte NC

Finding the right roofing contractor can be hard. There are plenty of questions that need asking, and any homeowners will need the best advice.

To save hours of wasted time trying to find the right roofers Charlotte NC has to offer. You can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors direct. They will be happy to check your roof and give you an estimate for any areas, which may need attention. No matter what they do, Charlotte’s best roofing contractors will make sure your roof and your home is suitable to tackle the winter weather.