Can Charlotte NC roof repair contractors fit roof lights?

Do you want a roof light solution through roof repair contractors?

Roof repair contractors do much more than repairs. They often fit lighting options, to which there are differences. Here, a roof installer explains the significant differences between solar tubes and skylights.

If you are considering these for either your home or business, then read below to see which may be the best lighting option for your roof.

What do solar tubes and skylights do in Charlotte NC roofs?

While both offer lighting options, the way they operate is very different. What they do is to lighten and brighten an area in a natural manner without using any energy. Solar tubes take the sun and channel it down narrow tubes to give the effect of overhead lighting.

Skylights that are fitted by local roof repair contractors will let natural light stream through glass panels as a means of lighting your home or business.

Charlotte’s best roof repair contractor compares the light performance

While either option relies on the sun for natural light, the solar tubes can deliver more consistent illumination during times of bad weather or early evening hours. Skylights, on the other hand, provide an outside glimpse in any conditions.

When you compare the performance of the two, it is the solar tubes that win on performance and make it a viable option for a roof installer to fit.

Which is the easiest to use

No matter if you have a skylight fitted in Charlotte NC, or you ask professional roof repair contractors in Concord NC to install solar tubes, they are both easy to use. Installation is better left to professionals, even if there are DIY kits available.

Fitting either of these yourself can lead to issues, and if you have a roof that is under warranty, then this could be void if there is any damage as a result.

Costs of roof repair contractors in Charlotte NC

Out of the two, the price for installation will be slightly more from roof repair contractors to fit skylights than solar tubes. However, you do need to consider the long-term investment value you can gain.

While solar tubes are more efficient and cheaper to install, they don’t bring the same increase in the value of a property, as skylights will.

Which option will a roofer advise for my Charlotte NC home?

One final thing to consider is which of these lighting options will fit into the style of your home. There can be the instance one is better than the other is, or they will look out of character.

A reliable roof installer can help make this decision. If you are still undecided and you need the assistance of one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to help make the decision.

All you need to do is contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the roof repair contractors will be able to answer all your questions and explain the pros and cons of having either skylights or solar tubes fitted on your home.