Charlotte’s roofing contractor explains best roof maintenance tips

Charlotte’s roofing contractor helps you keep your roof in top condition

Charlotte’s roofing contractor understands that owning a home has its fair share of responsibilities. Yet, the roof is one of the most fundamental structures of any home. It keeps you warm, dry, and safe from external elements. Returning some gratitude starts with good roof maintenance below.

  1. Regular roof inspection

One of the best ways to foster a roof in tip-top shape is to organize a regular roof inspection. They reveal minor damage and other issues before advancing to cost a large chunk of money in repairs. Have a roof inspection several times a year for peace of mind that your investment is in excellent condition.

  1. Shingle inspection

Make sure that damaged or missing shingles are repaired or replaced sooner rather than later to prevent water from seeping underneath and causing mold, mildew, and wood rot. Leaving loose shingles unattended can contribute to the growth of algae and moss, which causes further damage. A reputable roofing contractor can inspect the shingle roof and suggest what should be done.

  1. Keep the roof clean

Efforts should be made toward maintaining a clean roof. Clear any fallen debris and wash the roof if possible. Roofs with moss or algae growth require a quick cleaning with a solution of chlorine bleach and water. If you are unsure about getting on your roof, calling in experts is the way to go.

  1. Trim any overhanging branches

Having mature trees in your yard comes with a few benefits, from a fresh breath of air to being aesthetically pleasing. Still, falling branches can harm your roof over time. One of the ways to maintain your roof is to trim branches away from the house. It prevents the possibility of a falling branch from damaging the shingles and keeps small branches and leaves from clogging the gutters. Remember, you can always hire a professional to trim the branches for you.

  1. Maintain the gutter system

Your gutters require a little maintenance too. It’s advisable to keep the system cleaned out and clear of debris. Clogged gutters can be troublesome. They cause water to back up underneath the roof, leading to moisture-related issues like water stains and mildew. Have your gutters regularly inspected to ascertain they are firmly attached to the roof. Hanging gutters can cause the fascia to pull away from the roof and let moisture in.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Damage control

 A rigid maintenance routine helps avoid costly repairs down the road. By neglecting your roof, you can’t be aware of any problem until it causes extensive damage.

Prolonged roof life

Appropriate maintenance and repairs prolong your roof’s life and lower the probability of premature replacements.

Energy efficiency

A well-maintained roof promotes better insulation at home and reduces energy loss to keep the bill to a minimum.

Choose Charlotte’s best roofing contractor

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