Charlotte’s best roofing contractor helps you understand the roof’s warranty

Roofing contractor will help you spark your warranty when need be

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor offers a roofing warranty on their products. It’s critical to comprehend the various roof warranty options and how they operate. It is difficult to know what kind of protection homeowners should anticipate from a roof warranty and how to avoid voiding it, but doing so can spare you a lot of problems in the future.

The materials themselves are covered by manufacturer warranties, and the roofing contractors who do the installation work also provide workmanship guarantees. These warranties occasionally overlap, but it’s not usually the case. What specifically does each type of roof warranty cover you from, and which one do you need?

A shingle warranty or manufacturer’s warranty, which may cover you for 20 to 50 years, is the most typical type of roof warranty. However, you are only covered by this kind of guarantee if there are flaws in the roofing materials that lead to premature failure or breakdown. Additionally, if the homeowner cannot show that the roof has received regular maintenance, a manufacturer’s warranty may be nullified.

The roofer who installs your roof offers a workmanship/labor warranty. These guarantees typically provide leak protection for a predetermined time. These warranties often last between two and fifteen years. If you experience a leak after having your roof installed, this warranty will protect you. These guarantees, however, frequently include a provision saying that the warranty is only effective if that contractor is the only one to work on the roof. The craftsmanship warranty can be null and void if you hire another contractor to make repairs to the roof after the first labor.

Warranty voiding

Here are circumstances in which your warranty can be void:

  • Solar panels and Skylights – Before beginning a home repair project that requires significant roof work, including installing skylights or solar panels that need roof penetration or the removal of shingles, keep in mind your warranty.
  • Antennas and satellite dishes – You run the risk of voiding at least a portion of your roof warranty if you drill holes in your roof to install an antenna or satellite dish. Considering that any leaking might be brought on by the holes you drilled.
  • Pressure washing – Because of problems like moss accumulation, homeowners may decide to pressure wash their roofs. But because of the powerful force of pressure washing, they risk seriously damaging their roof in the process.

Work with Charlotte’s best roofing contractor

Roofing warranties can save money on repairs, but you should know how to avoid voiding them. Work with Charlotte’s best roofing contractor for the best result on your roofing project.

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