Roofing contractor in Charlotte NC explains cleaning your roof

A roofing contractor can help you clean your roof properly

A roofing contractor in Charlotte NC recommends the need to clean your roof regularly to keep it in functional condition. Throughout the year, your roof experiences a lot of wear and strain. It receives direct summertime sunlight, springtime showers, and wintertime snow and ice accumulation. It seems practical to wash the roof. Even if you might not have considered cleaning your own roof previously, it is actually a DIY task that homeowners can complete on their own. For instructions on how to finish this project and make sure your roof stays in good condition, keep reading.

Wash on the right day

Roof cleaning should not just be done on the spot. Consider the weather when selecting the optimum day for the job. The cleaning solution will dry too rapidly on a sunny day, which may seem counterintuitive, so it isn’t the ideal option. In light of this, an overcast day with little wind is the ideal time to clean the roof.

Consider safety

Setting the stage for a safe experience is crucial before beginning. Wearing non-slippery shoes will help prevent falls, so make sure you do so. Additionally, if your roof slopes, you can further safeguard yourself from falling by securing yourself to the chimney with a safety rope. Wear safety goggles while working to prevent debris from getting into your eyes. Put on thick gloves to prevent getting cleaning supplies on your hands.

Have the right cleaning supplies

It won’t be sufficient to simply use soap and water to clean the surface. However, you should also avoid using harsh chemicals that could harm the components of your roof, as well as the gutters and the landscaping around your house. Use sodium hypochlorite or sodium hydroxide products as an alternative. But before selecting any cleaner, find out which ones are suitable for the sort of roof you have. When you have the correct cleaning supplies, combine and liquefy them in a garden sprayer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Deal with moss and algae

Spray the cleaning agent over your roof until there is runoff and the entire surface is saturated. Repaint them if some spots dry before you’re finished. You can use a garden hose to spray off any moss or algae that has grown on your roof. Scrub the tough locations with a soft-bristle brush if spraying doesn’t get the job done.

Rinse the roof

Use your garden hose to rinse the entire roof after applying the cleaning solution on it. Make sure to complete the task completely to make sure that no cleanser is left behind since this could result in discoloration and other harm.

Hire a top-rated roofing contractor in Charlotte NC

Cleaning your roof can help keep it in the best condition. Work with a top-rated roofing contractor in Charlotte NC to maintain a functional roof. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.