Roofing Contractors in Charlotte NC debunk the top 3 green roof myths

Roofing contractors in Charlotte are often asked if green roofs are suitable for residential family homes. The answer is simple: Yes, they are. Unfortunately, many people have believed the myth that they are only fit for big commercial buildings. It is no surprise that people want to enjoy the benefits of green roofs. In fact, these roofs are suitable for any type of building as long as the layers are strong enough to carry the vegetation.

Funny enough, this is not the only myth concerning green roofs. Lots of misconceptions have been brought up by fake or inexperienced roofers who probably didn’t want to do a job or just don’t know anything about roofing. Keep reading to find out more myths and know the truth as we debunk them.

3 Grand myths about green roofs

1. Green roofs always leak and damage the home
As true as this sounds, it is nothing but a big LIE! Like other roofs, a green roof will only wake if installed improperly, or if the design is poor and inadequately maintained. Green roofs have an effective waterproof membrane, just like most roofs. In fact, this membrane is one of the reasons why green roofs can last very long.

2. Installing a green roof is just you applying some dirt to your roof
It seems that inexperienced roofers are responsible for this one. This is just a myth. Green roof installation requires much more than just applying dirt to your roof. It is more than just DIY. If you are not experienced in roofing, please hire a professional to install it for you.

Before you install a green roof, you should inspect your roof to ensure it is in good structural condition and prepared to carry a green roof. For firmer vegetation, build in several support layers to represent the ones the soil has. If you decide to do all these by yourself, you will end up making more costly mistakes than expected. Hire an expert roofing contractor to handle the job perfectly for you.

3. You cannot use a solar panel on the green roof
According to the International Green Roof Association, the vegetation has to be of the type used in extensive green roofs and the photovoltaic panels have to be mounted above the plants.

Green roofs will reduce the changes in temperature surrounding solar panels so they operate in a more favorable environment. They have photovoltaics and the photovoltaics will work more efficiently, especially during periods of high heat.

The best roofing contractor in Charlotte NC

Green roofs have more benefits and risks but these myths have made it look like they are not worth our preferences. You can learn more about green roofs by hiring the services of a professional roofing contractor.

Getting the best quality and saving money you are supposed to spend on repairs is better than DIY and incurring even more costs. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.