Roofing contractors in Charlotte can ventilate roofs

Roofing contractors can help ensure proper ventilation of your roof. Good ventilation of a roof is essential if you want your roof to have no problems over time and with the seasons.

A roof needs to breathe. If you do not ventilate your roof properly, you may experience the following problems:

  • Humidity problem
  • Mold problem and the appearance of fungi
  • Condensation problem

In this article, you will learn the different methods for ventilating a roof and the work to be done depending on the configuration of your roof.

How to ventilate your roof

Whether during renovation or when installing a new roof, ventilation work ensures that the roof is well ventilated.

If your roof is recent and has been installed by a professional who knows his trade, it is normally well ventilated. Otherwise, work can easily be done to remedy the problem.

You should know that the ventilation of the roof is done through the space between the roof and the insulation.

This void under the roof located between the battens (or the under-roof screen) and the top of the insulation allows good ventilation of the roof. But this vacuum is not enough. Elements must be put in place to ensure the ventilation of the roof.

Ventilation of tiled roof

If you have a tiled roof, be aware that rounded tiles generally allow air to circulate. It will, therefore, not be necessary to add another ventilation system if your roof is equipped with this type of tile. Do not hesitate to inquire with roofing contractors or with the supplier of the tiles if you decide to do any installation or roof renovation work yourself.

Elements for roof ventilation

There are some things that help improve the ventilation of your roof. Consider including them in the installation of your roof.

The roof cat flap

The roof cat flap comes in the form of a small opening in the roof that allows air ventilation.

Roof cat flap comes in various shapes and comes in a variety of materials. You will easily find a cat flap adapted to your type of roof.

You will easily find suitable roof cat flaps for the materials and configuration of your roof.

You will find roof cat flaps in different shapes (square, rounded or rectangular) and in different materials (terracotta or Zinc). Note that there are also roof cat flaps suitable for VMC outlets.

For the installation of a roof cat flap, it is recommended to install a roof cat flap every 20 m2 for a tiled roof and one every 10 m2 for a slate roof. Everything will, of course, depend on the configuration and specificities of your roof.

The ridge caps

An essential element for the good ventilation of the roof, the ridge cap will be placed directly on the ridge of the roof. Properly installed, it will guarantee the correct sealing of the ridge and will protect against humidity problems.  The installation of a ridge cap is not the most complicated, but it must be well done.

Roof ventilation costs

If you have your renovation or new roofing work carried out by a professional, the installation of the various elements allowing the ventilation of the roof is generally included in the estimate.

If, on the other hand, you call in a professional to review the ventilation of your roof, the price will vary depending on the number and type of roof cat flap to install (or the length of the enclosure).

Getting the best roofing contractor in Charlotte and Concord, NC

In this article, you’ve learned how to ventilate your roof.

Despite these tips, it is best advised to allow roofing contractors to handle roof ventilation projects.

If you live in Charlotte and Concord, NC, and you would like to improve the ventilation of your roof, you need to employ the services of the best roofing company in the area. They will help with the ventilation process of the roof. They will also help with any other roofing task you may have.

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