Roofing contractors in Charlotte, NC can clean off moss, algae

Roofing contractors can fix algae and moss damageRoofing contractor Charlotte NC

Roofing contractors warn that the hot, humid summers of the Charlotte, NC can lead to moss or algae growing on your roof.It takes a certain amount of wetness and humidity for moss to become established on your roof, but once it does, it can absorb more water, holding it there even when the sun comes out. This is the last thing your roof needs — it can soak into the felt under the shingles and cause mold to set in within the underlying structure. Small amounts of moss can be brushed off with a long-handled brush, although you shouldn’t climb on your roof to do this — especially if the roof is still damp. Moss is slippery, after all.

The black mold you might see on your shingles is actually a kind of algae. It grows especially well on modern shingles, which are part limestone. This algae looks bad, and lowers the resale value if you’re planning to sell your house. It can also merge with fungus to form lichen, which is very hard to clean from your roof without removing the shingles entirely. You can kill algae with a mixture of equal parts water and bleach. Don’t use pressurized water on your roof — that might damage it worse than anything growing on it. Also, be sure to wet the plants growing directly under your roof beforehand and wash them afterward, to protect them.

If you don’t like the idea of spreading anything toxic on your house, have zinc and copper flashing installed along the peak of the roof. Trace amounts of the metal washing off will be enough to kill moss and algae over the whole surface. A roofing contractor can install this, and can also do a more thorough job of cleaning the surface of your roof than you can.

Finding a roofing contractor to do the cleaning

Cleaning off algae and moss is the sort of work you can have done at your own pace, rather than an emergency. Still, you should look for a roofing contractor with a good reputation. A willingness to get this job done on time, within the budget and with a minimum of mess is a sign of a roofing contractor you might be able to trust with bigger, more urgent jobs later on.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor

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