What he said: Understanding roofing contractor jargon

A repaired house by roofing contractorsUnderstanding the terms used by roofing contractors

Just like any other industry, roofing has its own jargon.  This can sometimes be confusing for a homeowner, especially if they are not experienced in working with roofing contractors.  It helps a homeowner when speaking with roofing contractors if the homeowner understands the various types of roof, roofing materials, tools, and other terms which are commonly used.  In Charlotte and Concord NC, the best roofing company to help you understand these terms is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

It make it easier for a homeowner to communicate with roofing contractors, here is a glossary of roofing terms.  The definitions provided are easy to understand.

Roofing Terms

Building paper – this is the heavy paper which roofing contractors use in roofs or walls to them damp proof.

Built-up roof – this is roofing material which roofing contractors apply in waterproof layers.  It is typically used when the roof is slightly sloped.

Cornice – this is a projection located at the top of the wall.  It may also be located under the overhang on a roof.

Eaves – this is an extension on the roof which projects beyond the walls of the house.

Flashing – this consists of pieces of metal which is noncorrosive and used by roofing contractors around junctions and angles in the roof.  It is also used on exterior walls to help prevent leaks.

Gable – this is the triangular piece of the wall which is located under the “V” on the roof line.

Gambrel roof – this is a roof with two different pitches.  It is designed to increase the space on the upper floors of the house.

Gutter – a gutter is a channel located within the eaves which conveys rain water away from the roof.

Hip – this is the angle on the exterior which is formed at the junction of the roof’s two slopes.

Hip roof – this type of roof has three or four sides which slope upward.

Lath – these are narrow strips of wood which are nailed to the rafters, wall studs, ceiling joists, etc.  They are used by roofing contractors in the Charlotte and Concord NC area to create the base or foundation for roof tiles or slates.

Pitch – this is the slope or the angle of the roof.

Rafter – a rafter is a structural piece of the roof which spans from a center ridge board or ridge beam to an exterior wall.

Roof sheathing – these are sheets, typically from plywood which are nailed to the top edges of the rafters or trusses.

Shakes – these are wood shingles which are cut by hand.

Shingles – these are a type of roofing material consisting of asbestos, wood or some other material.

Soffit – this is the underside of parts of the roof which is visible.  This can include the beams, cornice or the roof eave.

Valley – this is the depression located where the two roof slopes meet.

For new homeowners, the jargon used by roofing contractors can be difficult to understand.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of the best roofing contractors in Charlotte can help you understand these terms and make the right choice for your new roof.