Two kinds of roofing contractors to avoid

Roofing contractor in Charlotte, NCTwo kinds of bad contractors

Finding a good roofing contractor is very important for a homeowner in Charlotte or Concord, NC. There are two types of contractors you should avoid — genuine frauds, whose goal is to take your money and give you substandard work or no work at all in return, and the merely indifferent, who are at least going through the motions of running an honest business but have no real commitment to excellence.

Steering clear of frauds

To avoid the true frauds, look for a company that has been in business for a long time. In this case, “a long time” means ten years or more. Less than one tenth of one percent of contractors are able to stay in business for this long, and willfully dishonest contractors are quickly forced to disappear into the night by a multitude of consumer complaints. They generally reappear under a new name shortly afterward, so if you do decide to go to a new business, carefully check the background of the owner.

Another way to avoid having your pocket picked is to reject those contractors who show up at your front door immediately after your roof has suffered damage from the weather. In the business, these contractors are called “storm chasers.” That’s not a compliment. You may also want to ask a contractor for references, such as previous customers. Above all, never do business with a roofing contractor who only accepts cash or demands all or most of the payment up front.

Finding a contractor who’s better than okay

A local roofing contractor relies on its reputation in the area where it operates, and it needs to get repeat business in that area in order to survive. This is especially true if it’s family-owned and run.

The Better Business Bureau has a list of accredited roofing contractors in your area, along with their ratings. In addition to checking their web site, ask your neighbors, friends and family in the area for recommendations. Get bids from six or seven roofing contractors, and ask for details on the work, materials, cost and terms of payment. If in doubt, go with one of the bids in the middle. Also, check every contractor for licenses, permits and insurance, and see if they are a member of a professional association.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor

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