Watch out for the storm chasers

Roofing contractor in Charlotte, NCThe storm chasers

(The following is a dramatization.)

They always show up after a storm. That’s why they’re called “storm chasers.” They are the scum of the roofing contractor world. Don’t let them into your home.

The thief

Tom showed up at the Pritchett place just after a hailstorm. He made a lower bid than any of the other roofing contractors, but asked for thirty percent of the bid as a down payment, plus a fee for making the bid. Mr. Pritchett paid… and never saw Tom again.

The vandal

A block away, Dick knocked on the door of the Swarthmore place. He introduced himself as a roofing contractor and offered to perform a free inspection. Mrs. Swarthmore had already had an insurance adjuster look at the roof, but figured another set of eyes couldn’t hurt. She didn’t mention this to Dick.

As soon as he was on the roof and Mrs. Swarthmore wasn’t watching, Dick took out his screwdriver and started damaging the shingles, adding new “hail marks” and increasing the size of the old ones. Then he presented Mrs. Swarthmore with a damage report that included the damage he’d just done.

Dick, unlike Tom, didn’t get away with it. Although you couldn’t have paid Mrs. Swarthmore enough to get her to set foot on her own roof, it seemed to her that the damage Dick was describing was worse than what the insurance adjuster had described. She asked the adjuster to return and perform another inspection. The adjuster, who had seen shenanigans like this before, recognized Dick’s vandalism for what it was immediately. The very next call Mrs. Swarthmore made was to the police.

The corner-cutter

Across the street, Harry showed up at the García residence. Unlike Tom or Dick, Harry went by the insurance adjuster’s inspection and didn’t ask for cash up front, so Mrs. García had no reason to be suspicious. When he offered to pay the insurance deductible himself, it seemed to good to be true.

It was. If Mrs. García had thought to check online, she would have found that Harry’s roofing contractor company was less than six months old, and had no business license, workers comp, liability listing or BBB rating.

Six months later, the Garcías’ roof began leaking in the place where Harry had repaired it, and Harry himself was nowhere to be found. A more professional roofing contractor gave her the bad news — Harry’s work had been hastily done with cheap materials, just well enough to look good for a few months. And now winter was coming and it would need to be redone.

A real roofing contractor in Charlotte and Concord, NC

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