Will a roofing contractor mention roofing warranties in Charlotte NC?

What are the differences between roofing warranties?

A roofing contractor in Charlotte NC who is reliable will have all the right warranties in place. These protect business owners and homeowners as well as the local roofing company. There are three types: Roofing contractors workmanship guarantee, Manufacturer’s Full System Warranty and Manufacturer’s Material Warranty.

What many individuals don’t know is what they cover, and how something can easily void each of these warranties. Read on for all you need to know. This applies to local roofing companies or from roofers in Concord NC and further on.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractors explain the three types of warranty

Here are the three types of warranty, any person having roofing work done should be asking their roofing contractor about, if the roofing company is not explaining them.

  1. Roofing contractor’s workmanship guarantee: The roofing company that installs the roof will issue these contractor guarantees. A labor warranty will cover any cost of labor and materials necessary for any repair. The duration of the warranty may vary by the contractor, but must be at least ten years.
  2. Manufacturer’s Material Warranty: The Company that manufactures materials or parts for the installation of your roof should offer a guarantee for their products. If there are any defects or faults in the materials in use. This warranty will come into effect. These also provide some protection to your local roofing contractor, they are not responsible for manufacturer defects, and they can help you claim against any of these defects.
  3. Manufacturer’s Full System Warranty: This warranty goes further and covers additional accessories, materials or flashing used in the roof’s installation. If any manufacturer’s materials fail, this roofing warranty covers the full cost of materials and labor of the roofing company to resolve the roofing problem on your Charlotte NC property.

How easy is it to void a roofing warranty?

A roofing contractor from anywhere will have the same stipulations for things that can void warranties. While it may not be obvious at the time, if they find a warranty to be void, then you as the owner will be responsible for the materials and labor to solve the problem.

Here are a few things that occur and can quickly void roofing warranties in Charlotte NC:

  • Fitting or leaking drains and piping
  • Ducting or venting which is installed after the new roof system
  • Skylights fitted after the roof installation ends
  • HVAC systems that are placed on commercial roofs without taking the roof into consideration
  • Excess foot traffic on a flat roof

Speak to your local Charlotte NC roofing contractors

It doesn’t matter if you are having a new roof installation, a roof repair from a roofing contractor, or you are having any of the work above, which can void your warranty. It is always worth speaking to Charlotte’s best roofing companies before you proceed.

To make things straightforward, the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are waiting for your call so they can explain how they deal with warranties, and what coverage, you as a customer will receive.