Roofing contractors in Charlotte discuss roof Q and A

Roofing contractors in Charlotte are often approached by clients who are perturbed and puzzled about roof-related issues and need clarification and answers about these issues bothering them. At the advanced exterior, we are happy to listen and answer your questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by clients and their answers.

Frequently asked questions about roofing and answers

1. How do I know when it is time to replace my roof?

Roofing contractors say, knowing when to replace a roof has been the number one question clients ask roofing contractors. A lot of signs will propel you towards realizing you need a roof replacement.

  • Bucking and curling: Bucked shingles occur as a result of moisture that gets in the attic space which then gets loose. The loose nature of the shingle exposes the roof to climatic conditions and elements which can cause problems like leaks and moisture damage to the roof.
  • Algae growth: shingle gets eaten slowly by bacteria from algae. Algae growth often affects low-cost shingles made from limestone. Although roofs of any type or color can be attacked by algae growth, low-quality materials and cool roofs are more susceptible to the formation of algae. The roofing contractor should be contacted once algae growth has been discovered on any part of the roof.

2. Can I replace my roof in winter?

The popular roof replacement time is spring but winter is not bad either. An experienced roofing contractor should know how to install new roofs without becoming damaged from cold temperatures.

3. Do I need to replace the shingles or the entire roof?

Roofing contractors explain that Shingles can be repaired or fixed but replacing the entire roofing is most at times the best solution this is because a new roof gives you a hundred percent performance.

4. Is new roofing a good investment?

Roofing contractors advise clients and homeowners to invest in their roofs this is because installation of a new roof increases curb appeal, adds color, and improves home value. Quality roofing replacement is designed to last long.

5. Will a new roof lower my energy bills?

In the case of an old roof, replacement of the old roof with a new one can help in lowering the energy bills. An adequate ventilation system can help reduce the energy bill. A new roof helps to lower energy bills with ventilation and sound materials help in preventing water leakage and excessive drafts.

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