Find a Charlotte roof installer who’ll get it done in time

A Charlotte roof installer can help you with a big problem

If you are building a new building or putting a new roof on an old one in Charlotte or Concord, NC, you need a Charlotte roof installer. Damage to your roof is not always immediately visible. Sometimes it appears in the form of slow deterioration of the whole roof rather than a collapse of part of it. If you spend a lot of time away from home, if you own a vacation home in the area that you tend not to use all that often, or if you own several homes as rental properties or investments, you might not become aware of damage to your roof until it becomes necessary to replace the whole thing.  

Roofing company in Charlotte, NC

When this happens, you are not going to want to wait any longer than necessary. If there is anything you value in your attic, you will not want to be without a roof entirely when it starts to rain. The process of roof installation should take one to three days, and should be scheduled to take advantage of an anticipated stretch of sunny weather. For this reason, a Charlotte roof installer with a reputation for reliability, for setting a schedule convenient for the customer and meeting it without cutting corners, is necessary.

How Charlotte roof installers do their work

Before the start of work, you should have a talk with the installer about what kind of materials are suitable and what sort of roof you want, and whether you want a roof that will cost you less money to have installed now or save you more money much later. The first step will be to take away the old roofing material, whatever it may be. A good Charlotte roof installer should be able to get rid of old shingles or other material without leaving any debris around the yard.

If an asphalt shingle roof is being laid down, the first thing the Charlotte roof installer will do is lay a water shield over the deck to keep rain from getting in through the nail holes. The next thing the installer will do is lay down the new shingles, making a point of not letting too many nail heads be exposed.

Charlottes best roofing company

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roof installers in Charlotte and Concord, NC. They have won the Angies List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also an Owens Corning preferred contractor and a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte. They will plan their schedule to fit your own, and provide the materials themselves. Whether you need a new roof or need to repair an old one, call today for a free estimate.