How does a Charlotte NC roof installer winterize homes?

Do you know every season can affect your roof?

A roof installer in Charlotte NC will perform countless roof projects throughout the year. They see pretty much everything the weather can throw at a roof. For home and business owners, it does help to understand how a roof can be affected by any season.

If you are, a homeowner or you have a business, are responsible for the condition of the roof, read on, and see how the roof may be affected by each of the four seasons.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractor’s spot problems in spring

Spring usually brings a breather from adverse weather conditions. The temperatures warm up and the storms are not as frequent. Spring weather provides the opportunity to inspect your roof and perform repairs before the heat of summer arrives. However, the weather is not entirely certain, as spring has the potential to cause unusual heavy rain, which could cause or worsen roof leaks.

This is the ideal opportunity to contact the best local Charlotte NC roof installer and find the best roofing contractor to perform a roof inspection.

Summer and local Concord NC roof installers

It may seem that summer time is best for your roof; this is not necessarily the case and presents many difficulties in maintaining your roof. The intense heat will accumulate on commercial roofs and can easily damage the sealants used to glue the materials against your roof.

At high temperatures and equally high humidity levels, the roof materials may begin swelling and weakening. In addition, if you have A/C units installed in your commercial building, the trips to inspect the equipment can do more damage to the roof substrates. A good roof installer will recognize these weaknesses and advise corrective action.

 You can call a Charlotte residential roofer in the middle of winter

Winter weather brings cold and damp conditions to test the roof of your property. As the water freezes on the top of your roof, you may be adding an additional 50-60 pounds of additional weight per cubic foot. That is what can happen when a roof installer is called upon to fix shingles.

Ice dams may develop, and the ice weight can rip your home’s gutters and roofing materials. A small amount of thawing water can still easily seep through small holes, re-freeze, and then crack open in the roof to cause serious leaks. The continual fluctuations in temperature this season can cause thermal shock, resulting in a roof that deteriorates faster than normal.

 Fall can be the best time to check your Charlotte NC roof

In cooler temperatures, this season may not seem to have a lot of impact on your roof, but with falling leaves, the chances of them accumulating increases. High winds can cause everything with weight to blow against your home and causing invisible damage.

To be certain you are safe during this entire period, and are ready for the winter, you should contact Charlotte’s best roofing contractors to have your roof inspected one more time. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is the perfect roof installer to insure that everything is right on your roof, and you’re ready for the bombardment to begin again.

Scheduling a roof installer for an inspection can be straightforward, and then you can be confident you are getting the very best advice, and have your property survive the worst of winter weather.