Find Charlotte roofing companies to repair my shingle roof

repair my shingle roof

I need to repair my shingle roof

Finding loose asphalt shingles on the ground after the recent high winds blew through the Charlotte and Concord NC region made me realize that I need to repair my shingle roof. Knowing little or nothing about roofing, I also realized that I needed to hire one of the professional Charlotte roofing companies. But first, I went online to learn some roofing basics to help me in my search for a roofing company to repair my shingle roof.

Repair roofing shingles

The repair of damaged roofing shingles should be done as soon as possible to prevent the risk of additional tears, leaks and other threats to the integrity of the roof and protection of the property. Even tiny leaks should not be ignored, because they indicate a breach somewhere in the waterproof seal protecting your home. It often takes a roofing expert to locate the source and path of a water leak. If your roof has a leak, have a roofing professional perform the inspection while you wait on the ground. Roofing is not exactly rocket science, but it does take experience, training, safety equipment, the right tools, and adequate workers compensation insurance. Charlotte roofing companies want you to stay safe, and they want to do a good and thorough job at repairing your shingles.

Charlotte roofing companies at your service

Reliable Charlotte roofing companies are well-suited to provide the high caliber of workmanship and attention to detail homeowners have come to expect. I learned in my online research that when you ask Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a solution to your roofing problems, you can look forward to a professional partnership that delivers excellent service, premium roofing materials, and skillful workmanship that puts you at ease while making sure you are well informed and up to date on the job as it progresses.

Re-roofing or roof replacement

Replacing a roof generally involves tearing off the old roof, often down to the deck, to prepare a surface on which new asphalt shingles can be applied. Waterproofing the roof is central to roof installation or replacement, so experienced roofers take care to confirm roofing underlayment is adequate. Sometimes new asphalt shingles can be installed over old ones, depending on the condition of decking and whether your roof has already been overlaid. Many communities restrict the number of times a shingled roof can be re-covered.

In the end, I asked the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to repair my shingle roof, and I am as pleased with the outcome as I was with the process. The new asphalt shingles match the old ones perfectly, and overall my roof combines beauty with reliability. If you need roof repairs, contact the reliable roofers at Advanced Roofing Exteriors.  I am pleased these professionals came to repair my shingle roof.